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Mar 4, 2015
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Orlando, Florida


Enthusiast, from Orlando, Florida

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Nov 17, 2017 at 6:37 AM
    1. JIMandLU
      i havent signed on since we got back from out trip! it's nice to get a message from u guys! this is a nice way to keep in touch. the week is all a blur, except i do have some memories that are vivid!!! love lingerie nights!
    2. Robert and Kerrie
      Robert and Kerrie
      Great meeting you all as well, hoping for many happy reunions!
    3. R&C
      Hi guys, it was great meeting you guys too. Hope you had as much fun as we did, we both loved the holiday!!
    4. SoCalfuntimes
      Hey Jim & Sandra,
      It was very nice meeting you two, we really enjoyed your company. Yes the pool water was rather hot, but we made the best of it. Hopefully we run into each other somewhere down the road.
      Ron & Jean
    5. PAnLexKy
      Hey, yes we had a great time, really hated to leave and have to come back home, certainly was a nice group of people there this past week. Hope you guys had a great time as well.
    6. dnjflorida
      Hi Guys,
      Yes it was a blast and you two made even that much better. Jean says Hi. If we are up in your area we will let you know so we can go out and have a good time .
      Doug n Jean
    7. PAnLexKy
      You guys will have a days head start on us, look forward to getting there Thursday!
    8. amybobby5
      Hurry up! lol
    9. CookieTTR
      I'll be there about 5pm on Friday so see ya at the glow white night in the Paty O.
    10. Tyler and Angie
      Tyler and Angie
      You guys are great looking couple. I'm sooooooo happy to see people couples that know how to enjoy themselves.
    11. Bostonbilld
      Sounds good - looking forward to it
    12. amybobby5
      Can you get there sooner??? ;) We can't wait!!! Amy and Bobby
    13. Nay
      Yay cool....see you then!
    14. bcreekcpl
      Looking forward to it!
    15. Dsosa11
      thanks for the request

      Awesome definitely can't wait to party with the end of June crew see you guys their....

      David & Diana
    16. Vegas couple
      Vegas couple
      Thanks for the request too;)
    17. Vegas couple
      Vegas couple
      We will be there the same time as you guys:)
      Lisa & Neil.
      Catch you soon
    18. Rickpa
      Very soon guys. Just counting the days. Expecting to have another epic vacation.
    19. R&C
      Thanks for the friend request, it looks like we are both down there as of June 29. This is our first trip and we are nervously anxious to see what the trip is all about. We are up for meeting some great people and having some real good fun. This is our first trip that Christie and I have taken alone, 4 teens at home, so we need some adult fun time. We look forward to meeting you guys and having some drinks, we will be the couple in the Canada hats!!
    20. JIMandLU
      well she's got all kinds of stuff in all kinds of bags, i'm waiting to see what comes out of the bags. knowing her she will tell me i have to just wait and see! geez, how many more days?
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    Orlando, Florida
    We are a couple that doesn't share, yes I am a little selfish -- She's all mine!!


    Jim & Sandra
    TTR 2015 May 7 ~ 13th / Oct 28 ~ Nov 2 HnH / TTR 2016 June 29 ~ July 3rd
    Next Adventure - ????
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