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Apr 2, 2013
Feb 8, 2010
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Apr 2, 2013
    1. simons
      hey jinx..there is a group of 45 that will be there the 22nd-29th.. we will be in the sexy pool right next to the bar if you wanna join
    2. thesporting
      Hi Jinx....I'll be there at the same time (23 to 27)...hope to hook up at the bar.
      Sorry no pic yet!
    3. Jinx
      I'm actually booking on Monday...it took me forever to get the time off work!
    4. reddog68
      hey see you finally booked hope to get to meet ya while were there. I am sure you will see me usually hanging at patty'o at night and a few friends of mine that I meet there last year decided to go around the same time. If you see me come on over. You will love this place trust me you make it what you want to.
    5. mikey&liz
      Hi Jinx , did you add me as a friend on facebook ? , think I may have knocked you back without knowing who you were ....lol
    6. craigandginny
      Hi! Saw your post about the body art and looks like that is in Vancouver. We are in Kelowna and going to TTR Apr 24 - May 3rd. See you down there! It's a really fun place and has something for everyone.

      Craig and Ginny
    7. reddog68
      hey did you book your trip hope that you did and hope to get to meet ya. I was there last year and meet a few on here before going and it made it easier to meet up. I was there for 10 days last year and wish I made it more but you cann't have it all. hope to catch up with you
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