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Mar 30, 2017
Feb 12, 2015
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Mar 30, 2017
    1. Robert and Kerrie
      Robert and Kerrie
      Saint Louis to Chicago to Cancun for us. Perhaps we'll see you at the airport. Our ride is via Apple Vacations. If the excitement doesn't make us forget we'll have our orange CancunCare braclets on. I want to wake up and it be Thursday night.
    2. Robert and Kerrie
      Robert and Kerrie
      What time are you supposed to get into Cancun? Around 12:30 for us.
    3. blh902
      Same here!!!!!!!
    4. Nate&Andrea
      its gonna be a blast!
    5. thorington11
      Yep we are TTR Virgins too! Can't wait tho! Are you guys signed up for the Boobs Cruise as well?
    6. Cntrltxcpl
      Looking forward to meeting you guys also!!
    7. Robert and Kerrie
      Robert and Kerrie
      Thanks for the friend request, we arrive on the 26th also. Look forward to meeting you!
    8. DavidnJessica
      Awesome we arrive the 25th leave on the 1st. Also booked for the cruise on the 29th looking forward to partying with you two.
    9. DavidnJessica
      Just stopping in to say hi. 4 days are better than no days at all. Our first trip was 5 nights and we were ready to go home the last morning we were ready to get home any way. Second trip 6 nights and we were wishing we had a couple more days. Just make the most of it and do as we did plan the second trip on the flight home. Guess I missed your days there haven't been looking at all the post every day.
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