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Oct 24, 2014
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Central Michigan
Playing with dirt toys!


Guru, from Central Michigan

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Nov 14, 2018 at 10:52 PM
    1. iowa farmers
      iowa farmers
      Looking forward to meeting you guys on the 18th.. :)
    2. qccritter
      Hey guys, looks like we might run into you on NYE!
      1. jnine
        That would be great! Would love to see you both!
        Dec 11, 2017
    3. BradSue24
      We had a great time,and enjoyed meeting you two. Take Care !!!
      1. jnine
        We loved meeting you two also. I sure wish we were back there now!
        Oct 9, 2017
        BradSue24 likes this.
      2. BradSue24
        I wish we were back there too. If you guys ever come to Mn. Let us know, it would be fun to hang out with you again. Geoff has my number if you care to text, as I am not on here much. If you give Geoff the okay for him to give me your number, I will send you a few pics. to enjoiy !!!
        Oct 14, 2017
        jnine likes this.
      3. jnine
        SURE. My number is 989-640-9925. I was in MN last week for a couple days, but Stephie was back in Michigan. Looking forward to seeing you again! John & Stephanie
        Oct 16, 2017
        BradSue24 likes this.
    4. BradSue24
      Sue and I are looking forward to meeting you guys, we met Geoff and Barb at the ttr pool,2 years ago. The BC should be a lot of fun,on the 2nd.
    5. salesman69
      Hello their, see you guys are from Michigan. How was St. Thomas. We stopped there on a cruise but as you know on a cruise you don't get much time to roam around. We live in West Branch Mi. Just got back from breathless in Dom. It was fun but nothing like TTR. Always looking for fun people close to home. Fred and Marie
    6. jnine
      Would love to join you two there but its the same time we will be in St. Thomas with a group of friends from home. Had we known about the KC party before booking the other we surely would be headed to see you two
    7. smileyblueeyes
      Have you guys heard about the TTR Exiles- KC Party? It's Jan 20-21st!

      Here's the forum link... http://www.cancuncare.com/forum/temp...nsas-city.html

      Here's the Facebook link... https://www.facebook.com/events/699162960259993/

      Event Tickets... https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ttr-k...790?aff=efbneb


      Bus cruise is Saturday and $25 per person. Send money to reserve your spot to Laura via paypal. If you want to join that, message me and I'll send you her email.

      If you need a hotel room, let me know if you'd like one King or two Queens and if you are coming in Thursday, Friday, or Saturday! It's looking like $95 per night.

      Thanks! Hope to see you!
    8. jnine
      Oh we would love to do that Spicy. Its going to be a long winter without you two
    9. Spicy
      great seeing you as well. and missing both of you back :-( please consider a visit to see us in the STL area!!
    10. TexasFunnSun
      Loved your CCC "approved" shots. Sarcastic, just the way i like it!
    11. jnine
      We're definitely looking for a new place. We were talking about Hedo today and are interested in trying it.
    12. Paulo & Ann
      Paulo & Ann
      IF you guys are looking for a new sexy vacation hot spot, come with us March 27th to April 3rd. The 4 of us will call it a TTR takeover of Hedo! LOL!
    13. Bubba
      Great to see you guys again! Always fun!
    14. MandEOntario
      So glad you liked our pics! thanks again
    15. hook7
      Saw your countdown pics loved them very hot! I'll be posting some soon! getting exited!
    16. Tandemrider
      We are having a sex toy exchange party on Sept 7th. If your interested we have started a thread on here about it. It's sure to be a riot!
    17. Captain Blue Eyes
      Captain Blue Eyes
      Only get to see you two for a couple of nights but it should be fun! Looking forward to partying with you again!
    18. jnine
      Thank you! We arrive on August 31 and head back home on Sept. 8th. Hope we can see you there!
    19. tanyaandshawn
      Great looking couple, what are your dates in cancun ?
    20. Whis&Miss
      Great pics. Getting our theme night attire (or lack of) planned.
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    Playing with dirt toys!
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