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Mar 2, 2012
Dec 1, 2010
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Mar 2, 2012
    1. alnann
      Hey Guys! We just booked. Hope to see you for Halloweeny. Let us know of any room parties happenin!
    2. funwithus14
      Hey guys!!!! Was just looking at our page and wasn't sure if we responded, if not sorry. We've actually been to Cancun a few times, just never TTR, so we've essentially decided we're just gonna do the boob cruise. We are from TN, Memphis actually, I think we arrive around the same time as you guys. Candace will likely crash and nap when we get to the resort, but I will be looking for the booze!!!!! Looking forward to meeting you guys!!! And again, sorry for the delayed response.
    3. rikmari
      hey guys were intersted in cruise was hoping for nov 2 also, think steve might consider that date? if not we are in for the 5th as well
    4. funwithus14
      Hey guys!!! Looks as though we'll be there the same dates. Noticed in the forum your interested in a boob cruise. We've never heard of it till now, but it sounds like a blast.....we'd be interested also!!!! Keep us posted!!!
      Tim & Candace
    5. Gary&Kim
      We are definitely interested in a boobs cruise as we did one in march and it was a blast. we leave on the fourth so the 2nd or 3rd would be great
    6. canoecpl
      Hi there, it is our first time as well. Looks like there will be quite a few rookies. Would be great if we could all meet up.
      Keith and Jan
    7. comanchecouple
      Do you guys get any face pics yet? Kind of hard to recognize you with out them...

      Dave & Kim
    8. Kidsathome
      Hi! Cannot wait to get there! See you by the pool!
    9. md0624
      We will see you guys there. Two weeks and counting for us!
    10. bobby slack
      bobby slack
      see ya there!! sue and rob
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