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Jan 25, 2016
Dec 20, 2012
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Enthusiast, from Utah

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Jan 25, 2016
    1. JoshATC
      I might look into it...its hard for me as I have to pick all my vacation days a year advance and bid against senority members and I'm low senority
    2. P&B
      Nice! I'm looking at Jan 16-23rd, hope everyone makes it in Jan. any plans to go in Feb?
    3. P&B
      Hey man, you booking Feb 2015? I booked week 8 get there on the 15th for a week, it's going to be a good group from the roll call so far, and just tried booking for a week in Jan on this crazy Alpharoom deal. If that confirms I'll be there there in Jan too.
    4. P&B
      I will def keep that week in mind, I usually have time off before labour day weekend, and does look like a good group going so far. Willl check out the Sept roll call once it goes up Find another straw hat for next trip?
    5. P&B
      Josh, you guys going back already? Nice! I've been thinking about another trip and may have to think about trying to make it during that week. Would be fun to see if we can get into even more fun next time around haha
    6. CandyCookiesCake
      excited, excited, excited!!!!
    7. P&B
      Ya, days are starting to count down. Its going to be a crazy week from what I can tell with a great crew
    8. twister7
      This Saturday, JAN 26th at 11:00 am is sign up and deposit for the boobs cruise on Feb 25th..
    9. brebis99
      yess !! see you soon :D
    10. GeeGee
      Three of us heading to TTR on 22nd. Mine & my buddies first mans 2nd time! so excited:)
    11. DeBlonde1
      It's on our list, hope to do it. It looks like the one for the 20th is going to be quite full. You in?
    12. DeBlonde1
      Haha! I replied to you on my own profile. I haven't figured this out yet. First time for us also. Who are you going with?
    13. DeBlonde1
      Great! We look forward to seeing you. Have you been here before?
    14. brent&kells
      Gonna be our first trip, but by the time you get there we will be 4 days in and ready to make sure you party hard from the get go.....Gonna be an awesome crew there at that time
    15. Bambers
      There were some single guys around too - although I went chaos crew week so that probably increased the number of singles of both sexes. Everyone is really friendly. I am not normally the type to introduce myself either but I found one person from this board and we met up as soon as I got there and then I was introduced to others through him and people he met. It didn't take long until I had a small crew. It will be a lot of fun. plus, after the boobs cruise - you'll know everyone.
    16. Lenni & Jodie
      Lenni & Jodie
      For lingerie night guys wear everything from pj's, boxers even seen some thongs and banana At temptations it's hard to really shock anyone or look out of place. I've never been to Senor Frogs but you can't go wrong with the linen pants and nice shirt. Honestly for tight and bright I think anything would go as long as it's "tight and bright". Something tells me the girls are going to have more fun with this one than the guys.
    17. Lenni & Jodie
      Lenni & Jodie
      You picked the best time to come down, week 8 is a huge party with great people.
    18. JoshATC
      Sweet first time for me from what I can tell seems like its going to be a blast.
    19. Melissa&Patrick
      Hi we will be there feb 20 -- 27
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