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May 24, 2018
Jan 28, 2014
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Niagara , Canada


Newbie, from Niagara , Canada

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May 24, 2018
    1. Salty and Peppy
      Salty and Peppy
      Can you guys bring the large cashews and make sure they're salty. couple more days and we're rocking the drinks at the beach. don't forget we have the super cuzzi
    2. KScpl
      Hello, see you there!
    3. Salty and Peppy
      Salty and Peppy
      Eat sleep party and go topless then repeat
    4. C&J7476
      Eat, Sleep, Party REPEAT!!! Cant wait!!!
    5. Salty and Peppy
      Salty and Peppy
      Hey were the ones missing from the photo, Me Gym trainer instructor health Nut, Ripped. Her Dancer stripper, Cougar at hottest club in Canada. Can't wait to ho Down with you cool Kats. This is our second visit to the resort. It's Hot and we had the time of our life the first time bringing Party with us this time.. Can't Wait!!!!
    6. K&D
      Can't wait Salty and Peppy, going to be the best vacation ever!
    7. Salty and Peppy
      Salty and Peppy
      You Gotta love this resort looking forward to swinging with you cats, gonna rock your world.
    8. GeorgeandMary
      Looking forward to meeting you both as well! Time to count down the days!
    9. dnagroupride
      Thanks for the friend request. We arrive on February 18th so only 19 more days. We spend the majority of our time at the sexy pool and of course celebrate all the theme activity at Patty O's. We will be on a Boob cruise on Feb. 22 when you arrive but will return in time for all the evening debauchery. Drinks will be flowing all day topped with alcoholic whip cream! Can't wait.
    10. K&D
      Ok your drinks will be waiting!
    11. davenjenn
      Hey, thanks for the friend request!

      Looks like you will be there 2days before us so the first round of drinks is on you!
    12. K&D
      We're going feb 22 to march 1 , our first time can't wait
    13. MandEOntario
      Hey sexxies, thanks for friending us. We're not booked yet for TTR in 2014 (started a new job this month, so no vaca for awhile) We did ttr twice in 2012 and Cuba four times in 2013. You'll have a blast. When are you going?
    14. K&D
      Yes TTR, what's GOV
    15. iowa farmers
      iowa farmers
      we are going to GOV. are you going to TTR?
    16. K&D
      Hi, we are going from feb 22 to march 1, our first time
      We're very excited , sounds like it's going to be a really fun time
      You guys must really like it there
    17. DennisandErica
      Thanks for the friend request! What dates are you two going to be there? We are going to be there February 26 to March 3. This will be our 5th time. Can't wait to head back!!!!
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