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Aug 30, 2011
Mar 10, 2011
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Cleveland, Ohio

K-Man Lovely Leanne

Enthusiast, from Cleveland, Ohio

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Aug 30, 2011
    1. joanie4365
      Hi guys....we were talking about you guys the other day...how much fun we all had...so is that Halloweeen party planned out yet??????????
    2. joanie4365
      We miss our OHIO friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3. Big & Little
      Big & Little
      Sporting envy on this end...we don't arrive for 32 days. May 2nd around noon for us. Sorry we're going to miss meeting you in person this trip. Maybe next time around. We usually go somewhere in the Caribbean at least twice a year.
    4. K-Man Lovely Leanne
      K-Man Lovely Leanne
      Ha! We have 10 of us hitting the booze cruise together! Gotta think at least one will be coherent enough to make introductions after the cruise! Can't wait to meet new friends!
    5. Jwoww
      nNevermind, just saw you're going on the boat, we will save you a drink! Lol not that you will need anymore by then!
    6. Jwoww
      Hey! We get in on April 4th!! We will probably be pool side by 1 or so, save us a drink!!
    7. halifaxdan
      You guys should be just perfect when u get back from the cruise lol
    8. K-Man Lovely Leanne
      K-Man Lovely Leanne
      Ha! We are on the Booz Cruise on the 4th, so we'll see if our gang is coherent enought to say hello! Definitely looking forward to school girl / nerd night on the 5th, and glow night on the 6th. See you at the pool!
    9. halifaxdan
      Well we'll have a few days together. We get there around 2pm april 4th
    10. K-Man Lovely Leanne
      K-Man Lovely Leanne
      Five days and counting! WAY ready to go already! See you two on Saturday!
    11. 04heritage
      we're suppose to land at 10:03 so we'll be there around the same time
    12. Docnnurse
      hi guys
      we will be there 4/13-4/19--too bad we will miss you guys if you are leaving 4/7--we will have to get our schedules together next time--we go twice a yr.12 or 13 times for us-really have lost track of the # haha. We go again for halloween. Please keep in touch
    13. 04heritage
      anything going on sat the 2nd?
    14. live4adventure
      We'll be there thursday afternoon ready to have a drink and enjoy the warm weather. Drinks are on you? Does that mean body shots? We're always looking for creative ways to consume alcohol.
    15. babydoll
      We have some very good friends that will be there at the same time as you. There names are Peter and Kelli. Have fun and enjoy :)
    16. K-Man Lovely Leanne
      K-Man Lovely Leanne
      Sweet! We fly in at 12:40 on the 2nd! Hope to be poolside at the Sexy Pool with all 10 of us by 2:30!!
    17. Barb&Dave
      Awesome we are coming in from VA be there the 2nd to the 9th! What time do y'all get in so i know if there will be any drinks left for Barb and I.
    18. JDnHN
      We'll be looking for you by the sexy pool. We'll be the one's in the USA top hat and matching thong bikini. First drinks on me (or Heather if I have anything to do with it).
      You're bringing your school girl outfit (or kilt for the k-man) for the evening of the 5th right?
    19. babydoll
      We arrive on the 26th...can't friggin wait...lol
      What dates will you be there ???
    20. M-J Canada
      M-J Canada
      I am already booked for booze cruise on the 10th! Have fun. We dont get in until the 4th late afternoon.
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