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Dec 20, 2010
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Nov 19, 2017 at 9:27 PM
    1. BobnKim-WI
      Thanks. That was in Memphis a couple weeks ago with another TTR couple.
    2. $parkie7
      Thank you very much for the compliment.
    3. Vic&Chantelle
      Hey there you two ... unfortunately, we did not end up going - had to move rooms the morning of and decided against it as we wanted to make sure that the luggage made it to the room - had to move 3 times while there argh, but besides still had an absolute blast!! We tried to look for you both, but couldn't find ya - didn't something happen with your booking?? Cannot remember - anyways, we are going again this August and will posts pics after we return - the tame ones anyhow LOL!!
    4. BobnKim-WI
      Thank you! She's a keeper now.
    5. iowa farmers
      iowa farmers
      we did have a blast. met some awesome people as usual.. thanks for saying hi
    6. BobnKim-WI
      Well thank you!!!! Yes I do.
    7. daveandterri
      Thanks for the compliment. We love your pics as well!
    8. Vic&Chantelle
      So glad you both will be able to make the 12th boobs cruise - race you to the dock! LOL!! :)
    9. BobnKim-WI
      Thanks! Yes Kim IS awesome and I am truly lucky to have her in my life.....and topless, poolside at TTR!! Lol
    10. nscouple
      Thanks. We'll let you know if we want to be included, or book once it becomes available in a couple of days. Either way, hope to meet you there!
    11. nscouple
      How rough is it likely to be on the boobs cruise, and I mean the water ;)? Jen is not overly keen on boats, particularly if the seas are rough, but the cruise sounds like a blast.
    12. Naturalcple
      That's great kwebeq!! Glad to hear you guys are able to make it after all the work you put into it....looking forward to meeting you and having a few drinks! :)
    13. rtkm2
      hey can you put us down for 2 more (another couple joining us)
    14. creekside
      Hey, thanks i have 2 guys and a married couple.What does the cruise offer? How long is it? What goes on? Thanks for any info, we appreciate it!
    15. britun2
      God made the jugs and the Bubba mugs are from Walmart! Have a blast Nic n Kev
    16. solsticeSassy
      Vous l'etes egallement et nous avons hate de vous rencontre et prendre un verre ou deux ou trois......... We will have lots of fun
    17. MandEOntario
      Allo, vos deux aussi! Notre pics catamaran et piscine ressemblant ont été prises à Cayo Largo en Cuba. Nous pourrions tout nus la. C'était tellement amusant ! (Veuillez m'excuser. Mon francais est pauvre. Ma langue maternelle est le polonais, et j'ai oublié comment faire pour parler le français correctement. Peut-être que nous devrions communiquer en anglais seulement? This way I won't get into too much trouble ;-) ... so glad you like our pics... hope you post more sexy ones too
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