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Apr 3, 2015
Nov 24, 2006
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Brantford Ontario
Retired Widower


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Apr 3, 2015
    1. GEO
      Are you coming for Halloween this year Malcolm ?
    2. Yummmyxxx
      Thanks for the photo comment Malcom! We look forward to seeing you for a FABulous Halloween Bash .. and another week of debauchery ... LOL !
      Kymmmy and Brian
      Oct 28th-Nov 4th

      Knakrd wrote:Wow Brian, you lucky guy being surrounded by a gorgeous group of ladies, in my opinion, looking like a bevy of Vegas Showgirls. Looking forward to meeting you both again for Halloween, me Oct 29th - Nov 5th. First time ever for an Adult Halloween Party in my life. My life is going to be hetic, as I`ll be in Vegas Oct 19th - 24th, home for 4 days then heading out to TTR and already booked for a Boobs Cruise on the 30th........
    3. Knakrd
      Yes it was very briefly, we`ll make up for it at Halloween. :mnm:
    4. GEO
      How you doing Malcolm ? We are planning on doing both cruises as of right now and probably going to rent the yacht also, if we have time. We only talked to you briefly the last trip, but looking forward to meeting again.
    5. Knakrd
      This is also my first Halloween trip, on my 11th visit to TTR , the first being in 2003.
      See you soon!
      Take care, Malcolm.
    6. Curls
      Looks like I'll have a few days head start on you! :-). Look forward to meeting you as well. Excitied about my first Halloween trip!
    7. Amanda & Chris
      Amanda & Chris
      whoooohoooo see ya soon!!!
    8. SandyT
      It's almost vacay time !!! See you soon !!
    9. georgesjunk
      Yes, see you in a couple of weeks, you get the place warmed up, we should be there around 1pm on the 4th, take care!
    10. Yummmyxxx
      Hi Malcolm !!!
      It was with my great pleasure .... "teasing you" .... on the bQQbs cruise ... and making it the highlight of your visit last April !!! I had such a FABulous birthday celebration on my first boobs cruise ... and you played an enormous part, in my exciting and memorable day!
      Stay wonderful, Kymmmy !!!
    11. matchandahalf
      Thanks for all your support with the contest, Malcolm. It really helps me keep fighting the good fight! xo
    12. Amanda & Chris
      Amanda & Chris
      Love meeting new friends, see ya in April!!!
    13. Mommabear
      Hey Malcolm what time do you leave on the 14th? Sorry won't get to party with ya on the boob cruise this year but hopefully get a hug hi n bye in passing. My flight arrives 10:30 am so will or should be at TTR by 12:30 at the latest.
    14. Anastasia22
      Hey!!! Thanks for your message :) i just know that this trip will be awesome.
    15. georgesjunk
      Hi Malcom,
      I believe we met in 2011 on our first visit at the end of March. Hope to speak again this year, take care! See you in 97 days or so, but who is counting. haha
    16. ras51570
      We are going back to TTR, but it's going to be May 11-19. Todd's taking me for my birthday! Sorry were going to miss you!
      Renee & Todd
    17. Scott'N'Jenn
      Hi Malcolm,
      Hope all is well... Saw you on here and thought we would drop by and say hello! We are heading back to TTR in a couple of weeks but not sure about spring yet.
      Take Care,
      Jennifer and Scott
    18. Knakrd
      Like wise for me. Especially the Boobs Cruise, we sure did have a blast. All being well I`ll be there in the first 2 weeks of April next year. Hope to see you there!
    19. Rushingtobethere
      Really enjoyed meeting you. We had blast on the boobs cruise with you. Maybe see you
      next year.
    20. Meims
      Hi Malcom, it was lovely to meet you too. How was your birthday? Thanks for passing on the gifts to Hallie. I have some photos for you, can you send me your email address. It was Mothers day here yesterday, my kids really spoilt me and took me out for lunch and bought me lovely gifts! Bless them! Hope to hear from you soon.
      Love Jackie xx
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