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Sep 20, 2016
May 8, 2011
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Minneapolis, MN


Cancun Party Expert, from Minneapolis, MN

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Sep 20, 2016
    1. Jeff & Kim
      Jeff & Kim
      Are you guys planning for Sept 2017 ? If so what dates ?? We really enjoyed meeting and hangin' with the Sept Crew.
    2. Hailey&Rusty
      Sure miss yall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~h
    3. Bubba
      Hey Great to see both of you again. hope the rest of your trip was awesome!!
    4. AZLakeJunkies
      Surely you jest, and very well at that (I'm calling BS!) We arrive about 11am, so I figure by 1pm should be in the house, if not earlier. Word on the streets is there are a bunch of rowdies on that cruise. Perhaps we'll have enough time to round up another group of misfits who couldn't make that one by the time you return to make for a decent BC welcome back party @ the pool.
    5. AZLakeJunkies
      If you're on the Boobs Cruise that day, we'll be part of cheering squad for when the boat comes back in the afternoon. :mnm:
      I'll expect to see some of these Pistol Petes you've been talking about!
    6. AZLakeJunkies
      Been reading your posts about BCAD. Too funny, you're our kinda people! Look forward to meet you both, even though we don't arrive until the 13th.
    7. JAZZY_JJ
      Getting close and I got Happy feet!!! Can't wait to see you guys again! Let the fun and best shot makers in the world begin!! Lol... See you on the 8th!!
    8. smileyblueeyes
      Do you two have a Temptation Suite again? We tried to get a bottom floor this time to avoid the stairs drunk and make it easier to get in the room, but they are all taken. :( I think Norma thought I was disabled and moved us from the 3rd floor to the 2nd floor. It's getting so close!! A couple more deliveries to wrap up the packing! Can't wait to share some drinks with you!
    9. Hailey&Rusty
      I am getting excited too!!! Only 4 weeks away!!!! Miss yall too. ~H
    10. JeffnAlyssa
      Hey! Looks like we share some dates! Hope to meet you guys at the sexy pool for sure!
    11. JAZZY_JJ
      Thanks, but I have to step up my theme outfits this time because Doug my Man U rocked it last time. I must admit that on a few theme nights I was like dam why didn't I think of that!! Nothing but Love my brother!! Miss you guys and can't wait to see u again!!
    12. smileyblueeyes
      I think you two may have been in h room next to us the first week of September in 2013. You had on necklaces with your names in beads and told us about the Boobs Cruise! I had never been to Cancun before and it was Chris' first time to Temptation. What an amazing trip! Been trying to get back for 3 years and finally got ours planned again for 8/30 to 9/10!
    13. JAZZY_JJ
      Aloha, how is the best Jell-O shot makers in the world !! Really hope this time u get a working coffee maker !! Need my doug jello fix!!! Lol... Counting down !!
    14. Tc123123
      Doug you gotta help me out on this BCAD thing. We have a lot of guys who are afraid of wearing thongs. Lol. Look at the September roll call thread pg 12
    15. Tropical_Heaters
      We would so love to go. Babs just got a new job. If there were anyway we could make the trip we would be all over it!
    16. Jim*N*Sherry
      17th -24th....looks like we will miss each other. :-(
    17. sands
      Looking forward to hanging out with you crazies again!!
    18. Tc123123
      Hey thanks for the message. No need to be shy at Temptation just be yourself and everything will be fine. Lol. You guys are too funny. See you guys soon.
    19. MFSD
      Thanks. We'll drop your name with Scuba Steve for some cred.
    20. MFSD
      Shit... we're missing you by like 2 weeks. enjoy
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