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Aug 30, 2017
Feb 9, 2012
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Cocoa Beach, Florida

LeeAnn & Gary

Regular, from Cocoa Beach, Florida

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Aug 30, 2017
    1. PA Mike and Dotty
      PA Mike and Dotty
      wonderful adventure with our good friends Steve and Nan.This made our first visit so much fun and so much easier as they new every one here.
    2. FFC/WBA
      Hi you two, just a quick note to wish you a very Happy Christmas & prosperous New Year. Hope your both well. Have a great festive period and don't worry about the TTR chicken, we hear it got eaten at Thanks Giving (LOL) !!!!. Hope to see you again in 2016... Lots of luv Paul & Viv xxx
    3. FFC/WBA
      Hi you two, just a quick note to wish you a great flight tomorrow, look forward to seeing you both on the 25th. Hope our dinner date still stands. Enjoy your vacation and behave !!!!
    4. Netcruizer99
      Looks like we'll be there the same time as you. We're looking forward to meeting you.
    5. LeeAnn & Gary
      LeeAnn & Gary
      We'll be there May 15-28
    6. ScottnLaura
      Our dates are May 25 - June 2. See you soon.
    7. ScottnLaura
      Hey guys. We finally decided to book the trip for end of May. Can't wait to see you guys again. Scott & Laura
    8. hut91
      Same here
    9. FFC/WBA
      Hi Both, really great to hear from you, hope your both ok. Did you ever see my add to one of the threads, referring to your grocery shopping habits !!!......love to share photo's and keep in touch, we have such great memories of our time with you round the pool. Our e-mail address is sunandski@hotmail.co.uk Really looking forward to hearing from you direct and receiving all your news. We're hoping to have a weeks vacation in early September, a trip to TTR is possible if the right price comes up...can we really do TTR AGAIN !!!!!!!
      Luv...Paul & Viv xxxx
    10. Tweb
      Yes I'm under
      Tiffiny Atkins Weber
    11. Tweb
      Lol....we only get three weeks and two of them are spent on Mexico and one in lake of the Ozarks, mo. Maybe we should meet in the Ozarks? That would be FUN!
    12. Tweb
      We'll shoot for May again also unless something tells us we should come to Florida ;)
    13. Todd and Dawn
      Todd and Dawn
      We are going on the 25th can't wait! !! Already packed.
    14. Todd and Dawn
      Todd and Dawn
      19 days the countdown has begun. Yay. Hope we are you at the pill if not we will see you guys on the cruise
    15. LeeAnn & Gary
      LeeAnn & Gary
      I'm hoping they open it sooner than that. I am waiting to push that button. You'll have a great time on the cruise. Totally out of control and then some. We are bringing 2 cans of AIWC since we can still buy it in Florida. You guys are tall people. lol
    16. Guido and Blondie
      Guido and Blondie
      When you are looking for us Colleen is 5'6" with medium/long blonde hair (and busty) and I'm 6'1" with more salt than pepper and a goatee.
    17. Guido and Blondie
      Guido and Blondie
      From what I understand, they open the date for the Boobs Cruise on this Saturday, the 19th @ noon Cancun time. Is that correct?
    18. Guido and Blondie
      Guido and Blondie
      We are going on the 19th. Can't wait! Skinny dipping on the reef sounds like the best part of cruise.
    19. Guido and Blondie
      Guido and Blondie
      Thank you. We are really excited for this trip. Are you doing the Boobs Cruise?
    20. Tami n Kevin
      Tami n Kevin
      We will be April 23 - May 3rd there
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    Cocoa Beach, Florida
    This will be our 7th time to Cancun & 5th to TTR. We know the area well.

    Meeting new people and having a blast.


    Repeat offenders 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012 ,2014 and May 2015. Heading to Holland & Paris in 2016 but we'll be back in 2017.
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