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Jul 8, 2014
Mar 10, 2013
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Troy Mills, Iowa
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Jul 8, 2014
    1. BIG "P"
      BIG "P"
      I love you, girl!!!
    2. Lynncr11
      I want to thank all of the wonderful people I met on my first trip to Temptation. I was invited there for a reason and that was to learn to be comfortable in my own skin and to love me as a person after some bAd personal experiences.
      It was an epic trip for me.
      I totally went outside the box on this trip,found out that taquila really does make your clothes fall off!
      I learned that ,"I am a hot sexy bitch!" I can groove with a striper,I can drink shit I have no idea what is in it,burgers at 2 in the morning are best thing to sex(well maybe not go that far)dancing in the rain is awesome,Chinos is cool and likes the word"FUCK",I can go topless with a bit of alcohol courage, I am to drink water in between drinks lol,I can be a brat if I want to,and I am not a high maintenance woman...
      All that being said, I LOVE all my new TTR friends. I came home a bit stronger person.
    3. Beth and Brian
      Beth and Brian
      Looking forward to meeting you!!
    4. indystevejen
      As are we! We are definitely looking forward to this vacation and putting it all out there, so to speak.
    5. dikfore
      We try our hardest... After April I have a reputation to uphold so you'll see my a game lol.. Have drinks ready for us!
    6. Lynncr11
      I will definately change it I am not coming all the way and not get to experience a Boob's Cruise. We have time yet so hopefully people will get on the ball and sign up. Looks like the one for the 2nd is going to be loaded! How many can go at a time?
    7. Tc123123
      If the cruise on the 30th is a no go just make sure to change your deposit to the 2nd that will be pretty awesome and very crazy.
    8. Tc123123
      Glad to see you are on the cruise for the 30th. Just be ready to go crazy and have the best time of your life.

      Tina and Claudio
    9. nannyemma
      Oh you will love it. It can't come soon enough for me!!!
    10. almost40
      someone who can give me some advice ?
      first timer
    11. HarborNut58
      I know, 52 for us. We are so ready for this vacation!
    12. BrendaNH34
      As much as i do not want to wish away the summer i say bring on VACATION !!! :)
    13. USTWO
      hello Lynn, and welcome. you picked a good week to go for your virgin trip, it wont be your last.
    14. HarborNut58
      We live in Safety Harbor near Clearwater. We go to a place called Cypress Cove in Kissimmee and we like to stay at Marrero's in Key West.
    15. HarborNut58
      You will be getting there a few days before us, it is 71 for us! That will give you a few days to get your party on be fore we get there. We can't wait to get there and woop it up with everyone. We will be expecting some welcome to TTR drinks when we hit the sexy pool with you guys!!
    16. BIG "P"
      BIG "P"
      Thank you so much, Cindi!! I am really looking forward to cracking up with both of you!
    17. MandEOntario
      hope you post some pics? check out ours for inspiration
    18. Lynncr11
      Sounds great! These forums are fun.
      Hello, we're so excited to be going back. We look forward to chatting with you until we meet.
    20. HarborNut58
      This is our first time to TTR, but we have been to other clothing optional places in Florida. Don't worry about a thing, after your initial "coming out" session you will have no worries and it will be "On like Donkey Kong".
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