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Sep 25, 2018
Jan 19, 2011
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Sep 25, 2018
    1. Sultryfox
      Oh, and there is a picture of you guys that I got from Tiogamike in our Cancun album and on my trip report post. I have other pics of you and CurlsAndSmiley - if you want copies send me a PM with your email and I will send them to you :-)
    2. Sultryfox
      Hey you guys! Hope you made it home safely and we had tons of fun hanging out with you. Best wishes on your wedding :-)
    3. CurlsAndSmiley
      Woo hoo!! Can't wait!!!!
    4. CurlsAndSmiley
      It's been busy but good. Travelling a lot, etc... makes for a busy but awesome summer!
    5. CurlsAndSmiley
    6. CurlsAndSmiley
      Expedia was $5/pp cheaper but now they aren't showing the same flight as the TTR website. Either way, still pricey this far in advance but we'll probably book within a week or two. :) We're both doing well here!
    7. CurlsAndSmiley
      Hey guys! Getting pretty pumped for the late-January trip! Looking (daily.. ok hourly) at flight deals, etc. :) Hope all is well!
    8. CurlsAndSmiley
      Nothing yet -- is the timeshare offer still available or is it taken? We are just easing back into reality after Temptation and haven't put much thought into the NYC thing yet. Fire us an email if you want: and
    9. CurlsAndSmiley
      No kids over that weekend. We'll be there Friday to Monday, most likely. I'll wait for Crystal to confirm that one. I wish we could go back in June. Heck I want to go back NOW! Maybe Feb 2012 though, we'll have to see how the surrogacy thing goes if you remember that conversation. Cheers! Eric
    10. MandD
      We had a great time too!! We actually are planning to go back in June....if you can come to let us know :) def NYC Easter weekend...we are a short ride guys are staying for a few days right? We forget are you bringing the kids? Let us know we may get a room on for a night in the city...hope the rest of your trip was fun :)
      D & M
    11. CurlsAndSmiley
      We are back, and what a great time we had! It was so nice to meet the two of you! Keep in touch, as the NYC weekend over Easter is definitely in the cards for us if it is for you guys!
      Drop anchor! LOL!
    12. CurlsAndSmiley
      Oh blah - we don't do the gym - it is noticeable. Plus I have had 2 kids so I am in no way a super model. I am looking forward to meeting you 2 and having some drinks and laughs. - Smiley
    13. CurlsAndSmiley
      I cannot wait to see that!! Me and Curls had a good laugh about the anchor:) His suit is already packed in the suitcase - I have made him try it on more then once already however!
    14. genyuss
      I guess we will see you around the pool, restorant or at the club. We are sooo excited
    15. genyuss
      we land at about 3pm
    16. CurlsAndSmiley
      that is epic! Curls has Roots tight swimwear black and grey - we will have orange wristbands and I have a smiley tattoo on my back and 4 tattoos on my foot - curls has 1 tattoo on each shoulder and a made in canada tattoo on the back of his shoulder - I clearly mention these things thinking we will be almost naked - lol!!
    17. CurlsAndSmiley
      you are there for a few nights we are - why are you only there from the 10th to the 14th?? We will have to have a a drink with you for sure - we arrive on the 12th around 3pm - we will be wearing orange wristbands.
    18. FirstTimers
      Hi guys! Yep, we'll be there the same time...we get in a few days before you. Find us at the sexy pool and we'll buy ya a drink ;)
    19. Mully&Sara
      Hi MandD - looks like we'll be there about the same time. The glow night sounds easy and fun. Might check out the lingerie night as well. This is our second trip to Temptations and whether or not you hit the theme nights, you'll have a great time. See you there!
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