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Jul 23, 2018
Aug 26, 2014
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MarknDebbie was last seen:
Jul 23, 2018
    1. Markandteresa
      Hi there Mark and Debbie, it's Mark and Teresa! It was awesome to meet you both, hopefully we will see you again at Temptations
    2. MFSD
      Great to meet you both this year! Who'd have known we were friends already? :-)
    3. D&V1980
      Had great time partying with you guys at Temptation!
    4. KScpl
      Looking forward to meeting you guys!
    5. Carlos&Alicia
      Welcome to the TTR CCC family! See you guys in the sexy pool for some shots! I'm buying!!!!!
    6. Ash_Kyle
      I am sure you two are getting as pumped as we are for TTR! We will be there the 10-15, we look forward to meeting you two!

      Also, look into going on the boobs cruise on the 12th? We are hoping it will be a party! ;)
    7. BnK
      Hi guys,
      Was great meeting you two in April. Really enjoyed Debbie's evening appearances at Paty'Os in ever smaller & sexier outfits. What a bombshell !!

      Kath & Brian
      1. MarknDebbie
        Hey, looks like we will overlap a few days. We get in on the 22nd. Will be good to see you
        Mar 9, 2018
        BnK likes this.
    8. David & Rhonda
      David & Rhonda
      Was great to meet the two of you. Hope to see you again one day!
    9. Vlad & Kandi
      Vlad & Kandi
      We will be there the 15th & looks like we are gonna be on the same cruise. Look forward to meeting you two. It's almost time!
    10. Jay/Deb Nebraska
      Jay/Deb Nebraska
      We will be there April 14, have a drink ready for us.
    11. P&KL
      We look forward to meeting you guys and having some cold drinks by the sexy pool. We are there from the 12 to the 22nd.
      Perry & Kathy
    12. bosfuncpl
      We get in same day. YAHOO!!!!
    13. Joel & Paula
      Joel & Paula
      Look foward to meeting you two ! We will be there the 12-18
    14. TexasFunnSun
      Hey you two! We are going Feb 20-March 1 and May 23 to June 2. You all going this year? Sorry about the Lions, as you know Dianne was very happy with the outcome. Ron
    15. kandl
      Hey there, thanks for the friend request, hope to see y'all this year at ttr
    16. hut91
      Cute couple !
    17. TexasFunnSun
      It was very nice to meet you Mark and Debbie. Ron and Dianne
    18. forbiddenfruit6875
      Debbie and Mark,

      We'll be there on Sept 22 - 27th. We hope to say "hello" when we get there. Have you ever been to TTR before? My fiancé has never been there, and I was there one time prior. It should be a great time of year to visit.

      All the best,
      Dawn and Tom
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