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Mar 4, 2012
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Cedar Park, TX
Home Depot/Main Event Entertainment


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Feb 28, 2017
    1. Californiazx
      Thanks for the friend request; see you all at the sexy pool!

    2. MAVFAN41
      Coolio!! We have our same bunch coming again minus John from the UK who is coming for 3 weeks later in the month and one couple from Mizzou didn't make it back this year! Really excited....Looking forward to all that TTR brings...Travel Safe and See you soon! Gene & Toni
    3. HereComesTrouble
      Hi Guys!!! Looks like we are going to be there at the same time again this year!! Woop Woop! Can't wait to Nakify July!! We are there July 13-18. See you at the Sexy Pool! :flash:

    4. MAVFAN41
      Yeppers!! Fav outfit is the Tuxedo Thong!! HaHa!! Looking forward to meeting you guys....See you soon!! Gene & Toni
    5. BillandJennTexas
      See you July 12-19 - does the man in your relationship dress up for theme nights at all?
    6. MAVFAN41
      Headed back with about 10 friends for trip #3 July 12th-19th!!!
    7. Ready2party
      Hi guys. Thanks for the friend request! We are Laura and Will. We will be at TTR Oct 25-Nov 2 for our next trip. What about you guys?
    8. MAVFAN41
      We have never done Coco Bongo's....Probably cool to do it at least once. Once the BOOBS CRUISE dates are set for July then our bunch will put our heads together on what day to go over there. It's about a 15 minute ferry ride. The ride itself is awesome and a lot of fun. You gotta cruise the island at least once when down in Cancun. You are gonna really enjoy the Sexxy Pool everyday and the theme nights followed by rounding it up at Paty O's then a lot of peeps go jump back in the pool but at the Sports Pool...They usually keep an eye on the action and shine the flashlight quite a bit.......Yep Sexxy clothes and No clothes is the way to go there at TTR!! Looking forward to meeting you guys and introducing you to our friends as well! Have a great weekend.....Gene & Toni
    9. N&MTexas
      Thanks for the info we are for sure looking forward to it. I think we arrive at 10am on 7/14. So we will have the whole day as well. Yea I kinda thought about the island trip as well. Last time we were in cancun was 2005. We went to Coco Bongo thought about that again but don't want to miss to much at resort either. I've seen where seƱor frogs has gotten really expensive and a really young crowd so we may scratch that off list. The sports pool allows skinny dipping at night or until your run out by security? Couldn't keep my girlfriends cloths on in Jamaica I wasn't bothered lol
    10. MAVFAN41
      We hate it too. Temptations is a pretty cool place where you can be whoever you want. Toni and the other girls really enjoy all of the theme nights. Hey and the guys can't lose!! This will be our 3rd trip there. We have met some really nice people along the way and they have been returning too. There will be around 10 of us this time around. We love Cancun in particular. The weather for us has always been outstanding. We will all be taking a little day trip this year over to Isla Mujeres and golf cart around the island. Several of our friends have never been over there so it should be a lot of fun and a break from the pool one day and back in time for dinner and craziness that is Nakify July at Paty O's!! Definitely do the BOOBS CRUISE!! REMEMBER...Nobody knows you and nobody gives a shit!! Toni and I are at GeneToniDonehoo on Facebook or if you need more info. Gene & Toni
    11. N&MTexas
      Not happy about Mavs losing. So how do y'all like Temptations and how long or many times have you guys gone. We've going back and forth between hedo and temptations but it's been awhile since we've been to cancun. It looks like we are going to be there at same time and recommendations or do's and don'ts
    12. MAVFAN41
      Yes....July 12th-19th.....You guys??
    13. KNK3
      you guys going back this year?
    14. MAVFAN41
      God No shit....didn't even make it to freakin Isla..and you thought a Big Gulp was at 7-11...I didn't need salt on food the rest of the week....hehe...missed all the whipped cream fun.....Fine the rest of the trip......where the heck were you?? Never got to meet you guys I don't think......Holla...Geno
    15. LadynTramp
      Great Couple! trip try not to drink the ocean! Saltwater baaaaaaaad for stomach!
    16. MAVFAN41
      Thanks Onthedl07....Same here.......Have a great week!!
    17. Onthedl07
      Dude we loved meeting you. We wish we would have had more time to hang. Hope to see you again sometime!
    18. CHOW
      Thanks guys for your kind words. I was simply having fun and being myself. I've never had some much fun in my life!! Congrats again on your 25th Anniversary!! I will definitely see you guys again soon :)
    19. MAVFAN41
      We had a great time!! Best trip ever there!!! It was great meeting you! You were so much fun and brought the energy that lefted everyone!! You should be on the payroll...We are already making plans for our return trip!! Holla....Gene & Toni
    20. CHOW
      So I was told by nearly every to change my account to Chow. Lol. So here I'm as chow! You 2 were the first to befriended me as giddygolucky. You're both one of the kindest ppl I have ever met. So glad that we were on the boobs cruise and be able to hangout and get to know each other a bit. I look forward to seeing you both @ TTR again on the next trip.
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    Cedar Park, TX
    Home Depot/Main Event Entertainment
    Fun in the Sun....the Beach.......Mexico....Love our dogs (Chi's) Dallas-Dazee-Cash Monet

    MAVS-RANGERS-COWBOYS-UT SPORTS and all things Chihuahua


    Gene & Toni
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