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Aug 18, 2018
Jul 2, 2009
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September 20


Addict, from UK

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Aug 18, 2018
    1. redmuller
      Hey Still time to come..I know I'll be wishing you two are there again hope all is well
    2. STEVEandKAREN
    3. FrenchieFifi
      Have you been able to find the photos of our Boobs cruise on the CCR?
    4. Sexykarma2017
      Sexykarma2017 was an awesome week....we will definately be returning around same time next year....our email is Send us pics if you have them!!!!![IMG]
    5. Sexykarma2017
      Hey guys....miss u already!! hope you are home safe and sound and dreaming of next visit! Hope to see those pictures someday!!!

      Hugs to you both and thank you for everything!!
      Deb and Luc
    6. FrenchieFifi
      Hi Jackie & Jim! When are you getting at TTR?
    7. linga
      Hi my dear lovelies. Our flight has been changed so we'll be arriving quite earlier than originally planned. Should get to the resort around 2:00. So we meet you guys at the party pool or the lobby with a bottle of champagne.....hint hint hint! Xxxxxxxx
    8. KorinMike
      Hi there! I have reposted the CC sexies theme nights on our profile for when we are there. I want to play dressup!
    9. linga
      Hi! everybody nice to see lots of us who were there last March going again, maybe not the same dates but there cannot be a better revue than when people goes back to ttr. The Hot Frenchies will be there to drink,laugh and whatever may happen. To all the newbees just say hi! and the party is on. Jim and Jackie put your dancing shoes on the sun does not come up till 6am lol. See you all soon Gaston and Linda
    10. carribean
      Can not wait to meet u guys.
    11. sandyg
      Just wanted to say HI! Thats crappy that your missing the 27th boobs cruise,,was hoping he would have it the 28th since there seems to be a good crowd coming in on the 27th,,,hopefully we will get to meet you guys...CHEERS! Sandy and Darren
    12. Meims
      It looks like quite a few of us from here are going at the same time, last year we used to meet at the tables in front of the food bar at Patios, may just be a good idea again this year. I must dig out our orange wristbands and add them to the "to Take" pile that is growing! We are both terrible at recognising people so if you see us first PLEASE say hi! Jackie and Jim :cheerleaders:
    13. cassandmar
      We get there the 31st. Days are going too slow.
    14. cassandmar
      Jim and Jackie, I just realized we are there at the same time. We overlapped last March. It will be nice to catch up
    15. sweetchildomine
      just saying hi... we saw you on the March roll call and hoping to catch a drink together while we are there. We come in on the 30th round 7:30 at the resort. and will be at PatyO's for the martini night! hope we find you.
    16. Sexykarma2017
      you guys in for a April 1st boob cruise?? sign up here if interested!!
    17. Sexykarma2017
      Hey!!! We will definately look for u both....what time are you getting in?
    18. Knakrd
      Hi Max, Thank you for your birthday wishes.
    19. Knakrd
      Hi Jackie, Nice to hear from you, very happy for you to be spoilt by your kids on mothers day, you deserve it xx.
      Will send you my e-mail address once I figure out how to send you a private message from scratch, this old fart, no whiz on a comp, any help will be very appreciated.
      Take care, love Malcolm.
    20. Knakrd
      Hi Jim & Jackie, Great to meet you both, we had a lot of fun together, thanks (Mom) for all the help you provided to this old fart, and Jim for saving chairs at the pool every day, its all very appreciated. Take care, Malcolm.
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    :flaguk:Don't ask why we have a profile each! I am jim.xtc's wife. Life is for Living and sharing good times with friends old and new!
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