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Mar 29, 2016
Oct 28, 2010
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Nov 11, 1975 (Age: 42)
Windsor, Ontario

Mike H

Enthusiast, 42, from Windsor, Ontario

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Mar 29, 2016
    1. IsisLM
      We are booked for 2nd - 16th November :-( I don't finish work until 31st October boo, but 2 weeks at Temptations this time wooooooo, can't wait such a blast our first 1 (and so many firsts too ;-) got the TTR bug now lol xxxx
    2. IsisLM
      are you guys on facebook? xx don't worry added you both xx
    3. IsisLM
      Hiya peeps, how are you? well I hope :-) Missing you and Mexico, shame we didn't stay for 2 weeks and meet up more :-(. Guess what though got home and re booked for November for 2 weeks cant wait xx
    4. rickylucy1
      Great meeting you guys as well. Patiently awaiting the next trip!
    5. Stina77
      It absolutely was!!
    6. Trev&Deb
      Great meeting you both, we had a fantastic time. TTR is an amazing place but would be nothing without the great people, keep in touch xx
    7. Alex1987
      You guys were awesome too! Had a great time hanging with you! If all is well, I would love to be there next year! I'm definitely hooked on the place! Keep in touch guys and hopefully see you again for more partying!
    8. Adam & Stacey
      Adam & Stacey
      You two are AWESOME!!!! Loved meeting you as well. I hope we make it back there again at the same time. Make sure to friend us on FB (Adam and or Stacey Kittleson). Love the vap!! I don't even crave cigarettes anymore. Tell Alice her wife misses her as well:(
    9. carriejean
      oh it was great to meet you guys too! It's funny how I never recognize people, but I got you right! :)
    10. JAZZY_JJ
      Aloha !! Had such a blast with you 2!! Can't wait to do it again! Lost my voice and sore throat so signs of a good time right! Lol... Will check into new Orleans and let you know if I can make it ...at airport now heading back to realization!!
    11. Reddy2Drink
      Thanks!! you guys are fuckin awesome. Hope to party again!
    12. Darcy and Victoria
      Darcy and Victoria
      It was great to meet you guys as well. Was a awesome time of year to visit. Hope you two had a safe flight home. Chat soon.:)
    13. Bruce_Pam
      Was nice meeting you guys too. Such a great place. Oh yell we will be back!
    14. Edward-Alli
      wait i forgot your names lol. Just kidding I am pretty good with faces and names especially the ones I have been chatting with. I was going to print the roll call but Thats alot of pages. lol But we can use my Phone for reference.
    15. sillyleo
      Somehow missed your comment! See you on the first!!! :)
    16. kevinp4960
      Hi, we arrive on the 27 the April for 2 weeks, looking forward to drinking cocktails at the swim up bar, swim over and say hi
    17. AprilnMark
      Sounds great !!hopefully we get to hang outbefore we leave
    18. Darkandlong
      Great ,counting down the days now
    19. Stina77
      I ur gonna be that late, we'll likely see u at the lingerie casino party. Safe travels and we'll definitely have a drink by the pool. Lol
    20. VTCouple
      We will see you at the sexy pool!!
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    Nov 11, 1975 (Age: 42)
    Windsor, Ontario
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