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Aug 15, 2017
Mar 27, 2014
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Aug 15, 2017
    1. DOUBLE G 9
      DOUBLE G 9
      Hey guys have you booked April yet...if so what are your dates?
    2. DOUBLE G 9
      DOUBLE G 9
      Hey guys; hope you are well. Been a busy summer, so not on the forum much. Decided on DR for the fall trip, but will definitely be looking at TTR for April. Keep in touch so that our paths may cross! Talk to you soon....Gord
    3. DOUBLE G 9
      DOUBLE G 9
      Hey guys; still looking at the first week of Oct for a trip. Watching the pricing to see if we can make it work for us. Let us know if something will work for you, and we'll keep you posted. Hope you are both well!!
    4. MikenCharNJ
      Sounds like fun. We haven't been on this site since we've come home, kinda depressing lol. Well keep checking back n set something up
    5. Tc123123
      Hey guys it was great meeting you two. We need to make a date to meet up in Philly for dinner and drinks. Let us know.
    6. DOUBLE G 9
      DOUBLE G 9
      We will let you know when Gord will probably book early July.
    7. DOUBLE G 9
      DOUBLE G 9
      Hi You two it is Ginny. it was awesome to meet and hang with you both. Miss you two a lot. Hope we can all meet down there again. If you guys ever want to jump into that Corvette and take a trip to London Ontario we have pool hot tub and full bar here as well. Anytime. Gord is working on getting me to give up my quiet holiday in the Dominican in October and go to TTR instead. How did I know that was going to happen Lol. Take care guys and talk to you soon.
    8. glenn/monique
      Great to meet you "dirty elvis"!!!!!
    9. DOUBLE G 9
      DOUBLE G 9
      God you gotta hate being home...Ginny told me I can't pretend I am single and mingle!!!!
    10. MikenCharNJ
      Yes. USAIR, 7:35 am Sunday we fly out. We are using US Transfers as well. Lol are we on the same flight? Party may be starting early!!
    11. Tc123123
      You guys on us air? And are you guys going with USA transfers.
    12. Tc123123
      Glad you guys made it on the cruise for the 14th.
    13. MikenCharNJ
      Yes! Just talked to Steve...we are on board!!!
    14. Tc123123
      Were you guys able to get in the cruise for the 12th?
    15. MikenCharNJ
      Man, it's getting closer. 2 weeks n change now. Can't wait to see some of our friends from last year and the opportunity to make a whole bunch of drunk, sexy new ones
    16. P&KL
      Look forward to meeting you guys! We arrive on the 12 and depart on the 22nd.
      Hope you make it on one of our Boobs Cruise!
    17. MikenCharNJ
      Thanks, ours are crossed to
    18. Joel & Paula
      Joel & Paula
      Hope you two are able to get on the cruise! Maybe the 12th will make. Got our fingers crossed
    19. looking25309
      Less than a month party time
    20. MikenCharNJ
      The one month mark officially starts our countdown clock. Can't wait to meet you guys as well!
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