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Jul 22, 2018
Dec 25, 2014
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Mork and Mindy

Regular, from Warwickshire ,England

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Jul 22, 2018
    1. FFC/WBA
      Hi you two, just a quick note to wish you a very Happy Christmas & Prosperous New Year. Hope your both well.., well apart from the hip !! Have a great festive period. Don't get toooo drunk !! Hope to see you again very soon 2016... Lots of luv Paul & Viv xxx
    2. WillLFC
      Hope you both liked Tracy's little cave girl one
    3. WillLFC
      Hey mark and mand, me and Tracy are good thanks I keep looking at the pics as well with a big smile hope you both are good me and Tracy are planning on going back not sure when but if you and mand have any plans let us know and hopefully we can join ya
    4. IsisLM
      Hiya, yes we did stay towards that end and on the bdsm night I poured myself into a red latex dress (boy was I warm lol) we from sunny Essex :-) we did move around a bit at pati o but did stay towards the screen end. We can't wait to go back in November we had so much fun but missed the boobs cruise and the foam pool party ( was a good reason to book 2 weeks when we got home) x
    5. danielandlynsey
      Was great to meet you guys too. Unfortunately the cast is on for another 3 weeks. We just didnt want to come home, already planning for next may (depending on the renovations at TTR). TTR is the place to have fun and let go, we certainly try our best with the outfits and general fun while there. Dan & Lyns
    6. TigDog
      It was so much fun hanging out with you guys this past week. We really missed you 4 when you left. I just wish you did not live so far away so we could hang out more! I cannot wait to see the adventures my shirt goes on LOL
    7. vic&cindy
      hey all

      we Vic and Cindy will be ready to *party* June 6-10. Say hello… we are super excited to arrive…. and ENJOY.
    8. soggytits
      mork and mindy have a great time and lots of fun.
    9. soggytits
      ps I want a trip report lol
    10. soggytits
      hi guys.I bet you wished you two was going today as you cant get enough of ttr it was our first time last year and we had a great time. just go for it
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