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Jul 28, 2018
Jul 5, 2011
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Jul 28, 2018
    1. tanyaandshawn
      Hey guys, any chance u guys are planning a facing trip this yr. ?
      We are thinking Ttr in August. Nothing set in stone yet
    2. vanislcpl
      Well thanks glad you could be a part of it lol. We are going to miss you guys this trip.
    3. NEcouple01
      Christian and Gina here. Time seems like it is flying here trying to get everything ready to me gone. That and I'm down to eating twigs so I'm not the fat guy w the smoking hot wife. My kilt showed up Thursday, so pretty much have everything for theme nights now. Can't wait to get there looks like we are going to have an awesome group for the boobscruise!
    4. vanislcpl
      hey guys time has now slowed to a crawl. I am up in northern Alberta working and Fern is at home frantically scambling to get things ready. she must have 2 outfits for every night lol. are you guys all ready to go. what are your names? We are Fern and Troy.
    5. DKJP619
      We'll be on the boobs cruise the 19th! Cant wait to meet everyone!
    6. Jay & Laura
      Jay & Laura
      Looks like we are arriving the same day and on the same boobs cruise. Looking forward to meeting you and sharing some good times ahead!
    7. vanislcpl
      we are late to arrive our plane is not in until like 6pm. so we will have some catching up to do
    8. vanislcpl
      What time do you guys arrive? I think I saw that you arrive the 18th
    9. vanislcpl
      Are ya exited yet? We cant wait! Fern has the hottest white night dress ive ever seen! On our first night I will be the guy sporting the kilt with the hot blonde! Are you guys dressing up for the night of the 18th?
    10. vanislcpl
      We will for sure be on that boobs cruise. Hope we can hook up and have some drinks before so we know someone on the cruise.
    11. NEcouple01
      BOOBS CRUISE!!! Saturday September 21st!!!!!! YAY!!!!
    12. Ross&Christine
      yeah definetly up for drinks :D haha
    13. Ross&Christine
      Hey guys thanks for the ad :) are you going to be there same time as us in Sept (9th-23rd)?
    14. Jcfun3
      Hi guys. great pic. Can't wait to see you there. We are there sept 9-18th
    15. RobnDeb
      Hi there, we will be there Sept 12 to the 18, it is our third time visiting! Congratulations! We will toast at the bar... see you in the pool.
    16. Beachbumz
      We LOVE Nashville, it's a great place to live. Congrats on your upcoming wedding, you will be ready to unwind by the time you get down there. I finally figured out how to post a picture, this site can be a bit tricky... Can't wait to get to Cancun!!!
    17. NEcouple01
      Haha that's awesome we will be celebrating our marriage! Lol. We have been together for 12 years but just getting married the 10th of September. I love Nashville its awesome. The pancake house down there, I can't remember what its called but had to wait outside in line. And the strip downtown was a blast. Can't wait to meet you guys. I think we will all have an amazing time. It looks like people that go once usually go back multiple times lol. I posted a pic of us on our profile but can't get an actual profile pic to upload for some reason
    18. Beachbumz
      We are so excited!!! Our friends who are coming too have been there once before but its our first trip. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary with a real honeymoon. We are both 31 and we are coming from Nashville, Tn.
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