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Sep 21, 2018
Jul 1, 2013
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Sep 21, 2018
    1. MM3
      I believe we have 1 spot left if your interested?
    2. Mr Kentucky
      Mr Kentucky
      Hey Guys I just wanted to let Cha know that I was planning on coming to Dallas for the Final 4 since Ky made it but unfortunately my dog has been really sick & might not make it much longer. The Vet bills have killed me & also my dreams of making it to Dallas for the Games & also hanging out with u two. I
      unless a miracle happens for me then I guess I won't get to make one of my dreams happen but shit happens I guess huh??? Lol. It's funny that Kentucky actually made it considering know one expected them too.. I still had my faith, I know a few players on the team & they told me that they never gave up & truly thought that they would make it to Dallas, so hopefully they bring the championship back home. If by chance a miracle happens for me which I doubt then I will contact u guys. Have A Bless Day!! :)
    3. J_N_J
      We got back about 2:15am. All went well for our return I hope yours did too.
      Already missing the warm weather as the return to the freezing temperatures has given me a cold.
      It was nice meeting you both and maybe we will see you again next year. Week 8 is always a good group of people.

    4. jon&lynn
      At work now looking to see who has the
      Best deal for next year. Was great meeting
      All the great people we did.
    5. jon&lynn
      We had a blast ! Time to start planning the next trip !
    6. Dragonsblood
      Hi..10 below today without the windchill..I can not recall a winter this cold for so long..
      This will just mean so much more to us to get into the warm sun..
      11 more days and counting..
    7. Dragonsblood
      Hi are things going? We survived another week of sub zero's -7 and almost feels like a heet another 8" of snow this week..
      Later Dee/Jay
    8. britsrhot2
      Hey guys , were there same time as you and looking forward to meeting another couple who both like to wear skimpy swimwear
    9. Dragonsblood
      Hi..How you two doing..? Can't wait to get down to the warmth..and have some drinks and fun with you two..
    10. Dragonsblood
      Hi.We actually felt the same way..but figured no one will track us down on this site, we are not that important or on the FBI's 10 most wanted list.
      Where are you located?
    11. Dragonsblood
      How will we recognize you two?
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