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Sep 29, 2015
Jul 6, 2012
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San Diego, CA
Him- Fire-medic, Her- hot nurse!


Enthusiast, from San Diego, CA

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Sep 29, 2015
    1. GoGoBlanco
      Hi- looks like we'll cross over a couple of days at Pearl - my favourite place on the planet! :daisy:
    2. CHOW
      Hey you 2!!! I didn't know you are part of CCC. Glad I found you guys!! Team AWOL rules!! :)
    3. LadynTramp
      I didn't get the mankini borat thing, but I do have a couple sheer thongs! I've never been the shy type!
    4. nickandkitty
      I will write him as well. We found our mankinis on amazon for like $15 or so. Looking forward to meeting you!
    5. drew_buckeye
      My email is [email protected] Feel free to send mavfan a message too. I would say he is most in charge of our small group. If I can find a really cheap mankini and consider doing it (for a very short time).
    6. drew_buckeye
      Hey Nick, we get into the resort sometime in the afternoon on the 21st. Most of the people we are going with get in on the 20th. I will ask if they want to do a meet and greet. When you say mankini do you mean the borat thing? God that will be hilarious but very hard to get the guts to try. I did buy some square cuts to try out and that is uncomfortable enough for me.
    7. drew_buckeye
      Sounds great, I'm glad the theme night schedule worked for you guys. Can't wait for the party to start!!! :)
    8. drew_buckeye
      I posted a theme night for the month of July in the July roll call. Let me know what you think and if you would want to change any of them. So far everyone else seems to like it, but we can work on changing a few nights if needed.
    9. HereComesTrouble
      Hi Guys! Looks like we will be there at the same time! July 19-28 for us. Hope to have a chance to meet. :-)
    10. drew_buckeye
      Hey, just curious if your AWOL group is going to have your own theme nights or you want to join the Nakify July themes? Let me know so we can possibly all do the same thing. How many people you have coming from the AWOL group (just curious). We have a group of about 10 of us that are trying to go every year around the same time.
    11. SD_Couple
      Thanks for invite. Not interested in joining any groups. See you in July.
    12. SD_Couple
      That is funny. Unfortunatly with 2 little ones we don't get much "Adult" time. We have to go to Cancun to escape. At least we get to meet up then.
    13. GandC
      We look forward to meeting you and your group. We're hoping to have at least 6 in ours, but 2 for sure.
    14. nickandkitty
      Nice and quiet works. We are doing a surprise trip for Kerry in March- it will be a mix of quiet and on the go- not telling her where we are going until we get to the airport. That girl is hard to impress and surprise- hope it works out.
    15. dandbiowa
      brannen does not pick until mid FEBRUARY! stinks, and he is number 22 to pick i believe, the one good thing is that july is prime time so 4 can be off that week. hope it all works out, but cant think about it too much, will cause me some stress! will be excited though to hear about your december trip. we are going to cancun jan 6-13, but staying at a nice, quiet resort. guess we will see how that goes! lol
    16. dandbiowa
      and wow, i cant believe how nasty is it getting over there. not really sure why, except people just dont want to hear the negative i guess. oh well, it is weird that you guys are where we are at on visiting there. we actually had the conversation that it was going to be our last time for awhile to go there, that is why we took the airlink plane. and i liked your comment that "you got out of it what you needed," us too, i am now just hoping that brannen can get that week off in july to go to temptations with the group. we had even discussed previously how we wish we could move the peeps from awol to cancun, hope it all works out, and i agree with you, gonna hang over here for awhile! no one is mean to us over here! lol
    17. dandbiowa
      hey! we know you! lol!
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    San Diego, CA
    Him- Fire-medic, Her- hot nurse!
    We're loud, sarcastic, and love a good party- that said, we're pretty NICE people too- say hi!

    Travel, friends, naked time, and finding the party!


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