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Nov 13, 2015
Nov 11, 2011
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still climbing the ladder

no regrets

Enthusiast, from utah

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Nov 13, 2015
    1. Duckman and Kelly
      Duckman and Kelly
      Thanks for saving the shady chairs! Glad you guys had another great crazy trip, we are hoping for the same in less than 30 days now! One of these times our dates will line up.
    2. whatapair
      Hey guys, ya got a new one for ya..Biker dude and his old lady were down on there luck and cash broke to fix his bike so he suggested to his "Ol Lady".. "hey how you go and sell your ass for a while for some cash..The next night she came home and told her "0l Man" that she made twenty five dollars and twenty five cents..he asked her who the cheap fucker was that gave her a quarter and her responce was "all of them"
    3. CH & HH
      CH & HH
      Yeah...that was like 3 years ago! We'll have to have a few this trip ;) See 'ya on the cruise too!
    4. Johnny & Amanda
      Johnny & Amanda
      We are pretty easy to find. We keep our stuff in the members area but we are always in the sexy pool normal by the steps near the not so hot tubs. We always have our CCC orange bubba mugs. What day do you get in on?
    5. Akan
      hi))enjoy and i will be at same period with you'see you!
    6. SL-UT
      We've thought a lot about going that week, that's Traci's Bday week but we are all booked up for May!! Maybe you should think about May, good times!!!
    7. Duckman and Kelly
      Duckman and Kelly
      Which head??!!?? Lol
    8. Duckman and Kelly
      Duckman and Kelly
      We booked 4/17-25 interested in going again?!!??!? Lol
    9. Jimandangie
      I don't know there have been some pretty good pics lately !!!!!
    10. Jimandangie
      look forward to meeting you 2
    11. Duckman and Kelly
      Duckman and Kelly
      Uuugggghhh, we haven't booked yet, but we are looking to do more mid/late April. Hate to miss catching up with you two again!
    12. stacey and darin
      stacey and darin
      hey found you, not sure how to add as a friend.
    13. Duckman and Kelly
      Duckman and Kelly
      Happy bday to Dana! Kelly & Duckman
    14. jeff & barb
      jeff & barb
      We're there from the 2nd to the 10th, so we'll look for you on the 8th at Paty'O Lounge (though it can sometimes be surprisingly hard to recognize people)!
    15. jeff & barb
      jeff & barb
      When do you arrive?
    16. carl blank sam
      carl blank sam
      Hey sure thing ,no I still have the 550 works great, hoping gov has the bugs worked out but we'll get the party started
    17. ahparadise
      Haha! Agreed, what happens in Mexico...

      Looking forward to meeting you guys! We will be at TTR from the 7th-11th.
    18. temptingswing
      Looking forward to meeting you guys!
    19. sunfun1
      Thanks for breaking the ice, you are on our radar now. K & P
    20. annandtim2012
      Hi guys
      thanks for the note! Is anyone getting a boat together between 4-14? We do like boobs...booze...and some other stuff....might be a no-brainer : )
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