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Jun 27, 2017
Jul 1, 2013
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East Anglia


Enthusiast, from East Anglia

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Jun 27, 2017
    1. Elle
      Well we'll be there end of April with some friends, and probably around Halloween/early November again next year :) Let us know if you think about coming the same time!
    2. Elle
      Hey guys. Thanks for the friend request. You two look like a lot of fun :) When are you at TTR next?
    3. NorfolkNights
      Probably looking at Septmeber 2016. We love ourselves some Texans. Fi has a longhorn tat in her sleeve! Would be cool to meet you guys if you were around
    4. Nathan&Sara
      When are you going to desire?
    5. Luv
      Love your profile picture... :)
    6. NorfolkNights
      Great to meet you too! It was experience! I think I can still feel the boat moving up and down!!!
    7. kandl
      So cool to meet you guys. Sorry the Boobs Cruise was so Rainy! Come to Temptation to stay next time. Hope you had fun Any way!
    8. Spicy
      I'm going to take you up on that drink, Mr. Brit! Was just stalking your cancuncare messages. Dodged a bullet, looks like for a while you weren't even going to come. Looking for something tamer, and then within weeks you were asking Ms. Spicy to make sure the booze cruise would be enuf of a party. LMAO!!
    9. Gilles and Amy
      Gilles and Amy
      It does sound like an awsome place, I have never visited that resort, we have visited a few but there are so many, always hard to make a decision on wich on to go to, I'm sure you guys will have a great time at this hotel as well, it's always what you make of it, I never went to any resort and not have fun, it's always good, we always end up making friends and having a good time. As for topless here in Canada not very popular unless you go to a swinger club but at Temptation I think it turned Amy into a european girl, she felt quite comfortable topless for someone that is not used to doing so wich is great for her and for me at the same time lol. See you guys on the cruise and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.
    10. Gilles and Amy
      Gilles and Amy
      You can relax at Temptation as well, I coudn't beleive how quiet it was at the quiet pool during the afternoons but quite the opposite at the sexy pool so we found we got the best of both worlds. Wich resort are you staying at for your vacation?
    11. Gilles and Amy
      Gilles and Amy
      Hey there's always next time to try Temptation, we were nervous to go the first time but once there we knew this was our vacation spot, this will be our second time there, we don't even want to go anywhere else now, it's so easy making friends there as everyone is there for the same reason, having a great time. We'll have a great time on the cruise, can't wait to meet you guys you look like great people.
    12. BillandTricia
      We heard after the cruise you know EVERYBODY!
    13. BillandTricia
      We are first timers to Temptations, I'm sure we are going to enjoy every moment!
    14. Mark and Staci
      Mark and Staci
      I really dont think you'd regret going to Temptation. We went last year not knowing what to expect, and loved it so much, we are going back. It is a great party atmosphere. Nothing repulsive or shady. Just adult fun. It also has a very quit side with a huge quiet pool. I really dont see how it has the rep of a "swingers" resort. No one approached us in that way at all last year. We've been to a couple of other resorts and really became bored after a couple days.
    15. Mark and Staci
      Mark and Staci
      Decided not to go. We will go over to the island on our own. Alot more freedom.
    16. NorfolkNights
    17. J4
      Great looking couple!
    18. NorfolkNights
      We booked El Dorado Royale in the end! We can still chill, go topless and have all inclusive but in a more chilled out environment. Fun as Temptations sounds we need a bloody holiday!!!
    19. GoGoBlanco
      Stop dilly dallying and book! You can party till you puke and eat burgers every day, or chillax to the max with fine dining every night, or anything inbetween. Thanks for the friend request!
    20. MandEOntario
      great profile pic...looking great!
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