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Mar 6, 2013
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Northwoods Couple

Enthusiast, from Wisconsin

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    1. Brett&Paula
      Hi ,Thanks for the FR , we will be there in April for the first time , can't wait!!!!!
    2. 2plus4
      Hey you two it was great meeting you. As you were able to leave a visitor message I know you made it home safe even with the arduous task of the long layover. It was fun watching you two reminded us of our first trip to TTR you want to experience everything not that you don't do that any other time but you realize if I don't get to it this trip I'll get to it next trip. And there's always a next trip, as I said to Steve when he commented on your post and asked if there was going to be a return trip from you two. It's like eating Lays potato chips you just can't stop at one. So I have a hunch you're already talking about the next trip just a matter of when and I bet the next one will be longer than the 5 days you had this time around.
    3. DuffBambi
      You definitely missed a good one on school girl night!
      The band was freaking awesome!! Mostly 80's music. We danced until 1 am. Would have been longer but thats when the band quit, Lol!
    4. iacouple45
      hey, we met for such a short time, even though, we are sure we could have had a great time if our stays had overlapped more...maybe next year?
    5. ldyblu77
      Just wanted to drop u a line to tell you guys it was nice meeting you, hope yall had a great time
    6. JnLStuck
      You aren't going to believe this! Here in Playa del Carmin, Lucinda and I are sitting at the Tequila Barrel sports bar watching football and music videos. I ask our cute little waitress if they take requests. She says "sometimes, it depends." So, anyway, I request Blurred Lines and her eyes light up! About 3 songs later they play it and 5 lovely young gals are dancing to it on the bar! It was awesome!
    7. Dreamers
      We had a ball hanging out with you guys at Paty' many laughs; great times! May our paths cross again.
    8. JnLStuck
    9. Dreamers
      We arrive on the same day! Travel safely and see you there!
    10. ldyblu77
      we will be there on the 11th,,,,good times ahead. Have you guys been there before?
    11. diver0077
      See you two are going to be at Temptations the same time as us. We are from Jackson, Michigan and look forward to meeting you there. Ed and Jan
    12. mzbehaving2
      TTR Oct 14-21
      email us we can send some pics[IMG][IMG]
    13. iacouple45
      you will have a great time,
    14. MandEOntario
      thank you so much for your pic comment! hope we didn't bore you with all the multipage albums on here ;-) lol
    15. iacouple45
      We currently are planning on approx Oct 12th thru 19th for our 4th ? trip.. great place to relax and have a couple...ok few...or maybe a lot of drinks
      it looks like we may overlap a few days :)
    16. MandEOntario
      Welcome to the will love TTR!
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    him 53 her 49. looking forward to our first trip to Cancun on Oct 9 - 15 2013
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