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Mar 30, 2011
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She is a Nurse and He is a Firefighter


June Junkie Sponsor, from Texas

Registered Member

Can't wait until June!! It will be another great June Junkie trip!! XOXOX Apr 24, 2018

$parkie7 was last seen:
Oct 16, 2018 at 11:27 AM
    1. LT Dan & Maria
    2. $parkie7
      Can't wait until June!! It will be another great June Junkie trip!! XOXOX
      1. Waterlvrs
        We're going solo and will be there June 13th - 20th. If you see us, please pull us into the June Junkie madness. We're down for it! Also going on June 15th boobs cruise. Cheers!

        Erin & Jeff
        May 31, 2018
    3. $parkie7
      The Temptation Grand Reopening party was FABULOUS!!! DRM trip planned for Super Bowl weekend Feb 1-6!! Come join us!!
      1. Gary & Helen likes this.
    4. $parkie7
      We NEED a trip before 2017 is over !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    5. $parkie7
      Next trip planned over Super Bowl weekend.
      1. Jersey
        Where are you going? That’s my husbands birthday weekend.
        Oct 25, 2017
      2. $parkie7
        Desire RM Feb 1-6 !!!!
        Oct 30, 2017
    6. $parkie7
      Waiting eagerly for the BBB event!!
    7. $parkie7
      June can't get here soon enough! Desire RM, here we come!!
      1. Over The Top likes this.
    8. $parkie7
      Getting ready for the DFW Boobs Cruise on Tour!!
    9. j&l1987
      Hey Dawn this is Jay and Laura, we talked to you Saturday night. We where wondering if you could get us on the bus with all our friends, cancun familia. Thanks!
    10. Kimanddavidj
      Where in june is everyone from temptations going?
    11. A&H
      Hi both -it was great to meet you. It was a really good vibe at TTR and we are gutted its closing. I am sure you guys are in the know as you seemed to know everyone. If you find out where everyone is going can you tell us please ;-) cheers !!
    12. Popeyes&olive
      Hi both thanks for the like not long now see you friday
    13. john_missy
      hey guys looking forward to drinks by the pool! We got the first round:)
    14. Skeeter8261
      What do people usually tip on the B.C.? Trying to plan cash to bring.
    15. yvr1
      Hey guys, we're looking forward to meeting you two as well. We'll save some drinks for you;))
    16. knowwhatimean
      We will for sure! Looking forward to meeting you guys!
    17. Skeeter8261
      Thanks. Looking forward to spreading smiles. I love to have fun.
    18. Skeeter8261
      I have a question I hope you can help me with. I booked the Boobs cruise for the 5th. I am contemplating the one on the 9th also. My friends, who talked me into the trip, say the BC is beyond great.
      But not sure if I will enjoy hanging on around the sexy pool also. To many things and I don't want to miss ANYTHING.
      Would you suggest two cruises or just one?
      I am thinking just reserve the 12th and i can always cancel. Thoughts?

    19. lucky281977
      Glad to be part of it. Looking forward to meeting you guys
    20. Amy Jason
      Amy Jason
      June can't get here fast enough!!!!
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    She is a Nurse and He is a Firefighter
    We are married. We have been married since June 2008. We love to have a great time when away.

    Love the water, drinks and dancing.


    Curtis and Dawn.....JUNE JUNKIES!!!
    We love TTR.....We love Desire
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