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Oct 22, 2018 at 1:52 PM
Mar 7, 2014
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Party People

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Oct 22, 2018 at 1:52 PM
    1. southsoundfun
      We need to meet up for a drink sometime here in Tacoma. there are 6 of us from Tacoma heading down to TTR April 7th. This will be our 5th trip with more to come.
    2. Guest
      Whaddup Party People!! Looks like we overlap a few days coming up next trip! We are 5/31-6/7! 8 weeks go go!
    3. Tc123123
      Hey guys good to hear from you. We are probably going back in September with the Labor Day crew. We are actually heading to Key West with a bunch of temptation friends in May. We hope you guys have a good time.
    4. Chill-ary
      It was totally fun. It was great meeting the two of you. We are trying to figure out when we are going back. Hope all is going well. C and H
    5. LT & Jenn
      LT & Jenn
      We're gonna make it. We will be at the resort probably by 8ish maybe 9
    6. LT & Jenn
      LT & Jenn
      Excited to meet you guys in a couple weeks! :)
    7. southsoundfun
      Enjoy your trip !!!
      If you ever want to meet up for a drink here in Tacoma, just drop us a note.
    8. southsoundfun
      Did you two get back from TTR yet? how was it? we are booked for 04/07/16-04/19/16.
    9. MandEOntario
      Our pleasure! If you have some time, check out our multipage albums. We love reading pi pic comments together if you like any
    10. Jim*N*Sherry
      Have you decided on the boobs cruise for the 30th??
      Hope so!!!!
    11. Jen&Santiago
      Hey we get in on the 30th, looking forward to having a drink with you guys.
    12. 9Oclock
      Looking forward to meeting you as well. Our dates are actually being extended. Woohoo. Sept 23-October 4
    13. Jim*N*Sherry
      hi Kelsie and Dusty!
      im campaigning for a boobs cruise on the 29th, 30th or 1st.
      If those dates work for you, please go over to my last post on September Roll Call, and comment on or like it
      the more people we have interested in those days, the more likely we are to get one scheduled.
      September cannot get here soon enough!!!
    14. Accutemp
      The picture with the baby lion was taken in October of 2012(almost 3 years) at the Riu Cancun .....but yes we will be there sept 26- October 3 , what days do you guys get in?
    15. Rebelboynash
      We get in on the 30th. Can't wait to meet you guys at the sexy pool!
    16. southsoundfun
      Where abouts in Tacoma are you two? we live near the mall and Hooters tends to be our bar. Been to Temptations twice and are going back April 2016.. Matt and Amanda
    17. lens300
      We are going to be there oct4th to 9th. This is our second Octoberbreast.
    18. Donna & Tim
      Donna & Tim
      Looking forward to meeting you too, you guys are practically there the same days as we are!! Since we've never been before we were hoping to connect with a few that had so we could get an idea of what to expect!! What are your names??
    19. Jim*N*Sherry
      We've got a pretty fun group of 12-16 people! You're welcome to join us!!
      What are your names?
    20. Jim*N*Sherry
      so you've decided on your week?? Awesome!!!
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    First trip - May 20-31, 2014 Second trip - Sept. 26-Oct. 6, 2015
    Third trip - May 28-June 4, 2016 Fourth trip: Sept. 2-9, 2017
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