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Apr 28, 2018
Jan 4, 2009
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Alberta, Canada


I can choose my own title, from Alberta, Canada

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Apr 28, 2018
    1. LionsNzebras
      two thousand posts and no pictures? hehe
    2. Karen and Rob
      Karen and Rob
      We're arriving the 18th. Looking forward to meeting you and all the April addicts!
    3. JimCarrie
      remember to Xrcyz the next morning & sweat that sweet stuff outta ya... C U 2 there... PS, Carrie may be just as drunk & I look like crap in a cowboy hat.
    4. JimCarrie
      Think it's awesome U started the workout thread... your workouts LOOK to be result producing (sorry, trainer-talk). We arrive 4/17 & hope to meet U & Brewster... Til then, Keep smiling, makes 'em wonder what U're thinking?!?
    5. latincanucks
      You arrive the day we leave :( I guess we'll wave bye at the airport...
    6. Jim and Cheryl
      Jim and Cheryl

      Long time, no talk. I have been meaning to ask you about how your back,neck has been holding up. I have recently starting doing some yoga and there is one type of yoga that is suppose to release and reverse the tension that builds during the day in our muscles. I often think of you when I go to it. I really like it.

      I have added an album of randon pics and incuded one of me wearing jeans I bought in April. Take a look as I will likely delete that one in time. I much prefer the others of me trying to be a CasaNova.

      Anyway, hope all is well with you and Bruce. And I certainly hope Halloween is in your plans this year.

    7. sweetchildomine
      hey there pretty lady... so I dont wanna go and put the burden on you, but has there been talks amongst the addicts of the theme nights for April? I know you killed it with the thread last time for the entire month. Just curious cuz we are overlapping into April by 2 days and Madness group is still figuring out the details of March themes and we didn't wanna duplicate for the couple days overlapping.
    8. Sea Sun Fun
      Sea Sun Fun
      Were you on the boobs cruise on 29th Oct? Just wondering if we have met in TTR in October... :-)
    9. John & Libby
      John & Libby
      Thanks for showing me the proper way to drink Tequila...;) and for introducing my husband and I to this site!!!! Had a blast with you and Deb and everyone else at Temptation...hopefully we will meet again!!! John & Libby...
    10. reddog68
      Great!!! looking forward to it. I will keep an eye out for you both...if you see me first say hi.
    11. reddog68
      Wow I finally get to meet partydoll and brewster. I know you guys are the heart and soul of the april addicts and be nice to finally meet you both. See you guys on friday...look for me at the sexy pool around 1 pm on friday. Come say hi
    12. Epic Couple
      Epic Couple
      Hi Party Doll Girl...looks like we'll be in Temptations at the same time. We fly out of Calgary on the 27th. First timers , can't wait
      Kind Regards...Steve and Yvonne
    13. Jim and Cheryl
      Jim and Cheryl
      I was asked to create a poll for theme nights for early November and added your Wear Orange Day Theme - check it out (and fill it out) when you get a chance
    14. terry&laurie
      my God Brew's a lucky man. so beautiful.
    15. britsabroad
      Who will be there between oct 23 and nov 6 ??
    16. Jim and Cheryl
      Jim and Cheryl
      I am scared to death that someone will take me seriously on the "Is it consider bad etiquette" thread. Glad you liked it.
    17. Mike_92
      You are beautiful have you been to temptation a lot?
    18. TOPFUEL007
      sounds good i may go then going to look and see if i can get time off from oil patch lol
    19. Ladymacgyver
      I{m here! We are going to have the best time EVER :)
    20. chris-n-allison
      Have a great time on your trip & please tell, Bruce, Jeff, & Deb we said "hello!" jealous of you all right now!!
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    Alberta, Canada
    We love Temptation Resort


    April 10 to 21 2016, April 19 to May 3, 2014, April 19 to May 3, 2013, Oct 26 to Nov 4, 2012, April 18 - 25, 2012, November 12 -19, 2011 (CABO!!), April 10 - 24, 2011
    (Brewster's Wifey)
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