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Jul 4, 2018
Aug 29, 2012
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Jul 4, 2018
    1. dynamite
      Our group is going to golden parnassus. We have about 30 confirmed going so far
    2. dynamite
      Looks like it is going to be closed this oct...
    3. Jen&Kyle
      We r likely doing Desire Pearl from August 9-14 for the sexy young and wild music fest. We love the thought of the sexy elegance of Pearl mixed with a party crowd. On the Desire page we put a thread up that has a link. Great to hear life has settled down! No June trip this year? October may work? Might be hard for us to do both but we r trying more frequent adventures for shorter lengths in 2016 :)
    4. EricCecily
      Ok u 2 were getting ready for blast off wish you guys were going
    5. JnLStuck
      Heyyyy! Awesome new name. Very fitting!! Probably been changed for ages......I'm slow!
    6. CnP Boca
      CnP Boca
      It was a huge bummer...made even worse when the vet that boards our dogs called Friday AM with bad news that our oldest girl wasn't doing well at all...we wound up having to go pick her up and then have her put down later that day. Like Pascale said, "everything happens for a reason" so we were able to be there as she passed. On a much higher note, we did make it to Caliente Fri late and spent 3 nights, it was a blast. Much more of a party thanI would have guessed...picture wide open nekkid pool by day, LS club at night, all set within a nudist community! We really missed seeing all you guys! We are looking at doing Pearl again in Oct...we really love that resort. Hope you guys had fun!
    7. MS Couple
      MS Couple
      Looking forward in seeing you guys; we arrive next Saturday Afternoon
    8. David_&_Ashley
      We will be on the the cruise the 19th we will be naked with yall lol
    9. Jason&Jackie
      Super jealous we couldn't make it! Luckily we don't have much longer to wait for the real thing! Can't wait to meet in person as well. Chris and Tiff said you're super fun!
    10. kycouple33w
      Can't wait to party with you guys on the boobs cruise!! Looks like a fun group!
    11. Inssomniak
      Looks like we're going to be there at the same time! Can't wait to meet you guys! :)
      Heather & Dave
    12. Joe and Tara
      Joe and Tara
      Hi guys, we'll be there June 11-18, so we'll see you all at the pool! Sorry we can't make the Chicago get-together.
    13. GinandSoda
      Hey thanks for the pictures comment...loved it! There will be a modelling session. Stay tuned
    14. Capecouple
      Yes! Thank you. We kept seeing girls in what we consider "normal club dresses" for white and red nights. So was getting concerned that we may have picked the wrong resort. We like to push the limits After seeing your pics, we think we should be fine going from club dress to more of a sheer or mesh dress.
    15. Jason&Jackie
      Hey guys! Looking forward to meeting in June!
    16. EricCecily
      What up guys sorry for the long delay in response. Heading back again this october we should be there from the 17-24 when are you all going?
    17. SD_Couple
      Amy, did you have any luck on booking the yacht? We never been on it, but sounds like it would be a blast.
    18. IIoakleyII
      Same here. I think we have a good trip planned out. We are trying to figure out which days to do our excursions so we won't miss out on the fun days.
    19. Peteandbrandy
      Thank you. We can't wait. Just started shopping for the trip.
    20. Emandkay
      Thanks for adding us to your friend list. Great pics!
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