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Nov 6, 2017
Nov 28, 2011
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Fire Fighter and Surgical Tech

Pat & Michelle

Addict, from NH

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Nov 6, 2017
    1. kevinp4960
      hi guys, sorry we only just got around to looking at the forum, we have had a busy couple of months with the wedding ( which was brill), and now we have a 3 week old grand daughter as well!!!!!! she is gorgeous and our 2 eyes (Alexandra Rose),
      its lovely to hear from you both, glad you had a fab time at temptation, gutted we had to miss it but defo planning to go again when it re opens, if they have not trebled the price lol, our e mail address is, would be great to see some pics of you all, once we have your email we will send some pics of the wedding and Alexandra. take care guys, missing you millions, kev and mel xx
    2. june.eve0425
      We wish we cam make the boobs cruise but we get into cancun at 10
    3. RON AND DEB
      It was great to see you two again! Send me your phone number and I will send you a few pictures!
    4. Thom N Terri
      Thom N Terri
      We will be there April 26th thru May 3rd...ready ready ready
    5. Mufasa
      Hey there, we were just there for 2weeks and we are looking at April 30- May 7 so we will keep you posted. Would love to c you all
    6. Duckman and Kelly
      Duckman and Kelly
      Hi guys! Great to hear from you, all is good here, hope with you both as well. I don't think we are going to be able to make a ttr trip this year taking our 3 teens on a cruise for spring break. Oldest is headed to college in the fall and might be last time they are all off same week. Are you guys liking the later April crossing over into May week?
    7. Paul-N-Pam
      Same here, sounds like a blast!
    8. Hailey&Rusty
      Hello!!!! Rusty and I will be there the 5th-12th so we will have at least 2 days to meet yall and have some fun!!!! See yall in the sexy pool!!!!
    9. RON AND DEB
      Hey there, we were just there again from November 2nd -11th, thinking about going somewhere else on next vacation. We just found out Ron is off the last week of April. Deb and John are going for sure during that time. Hope all is well with you two!
    10. kevinp4960
      hi guys, how are you, hope you all good, are you making temptaion 2016, wish we could, but we got daughters wedding, so cant make it, gutted, will defo be looking to return 2017. would love to meet up with a fantastic crew again. xx
    11. kevinp4960
      i think i may have confused you with my last message!!!!! you guys arrive before us, dooohhhh, soz getting too worked up, xx
    12. kevinp4960
      hi guys, yeah cant wait now, really excited and ready to party!!!!! all packing done and only 4 shifts left in work, yeeesssss,

      what time do you get in temptations? we will keep an eye out for you with some chilled beers, xx
    13. JEFF & JILL
      JEFF & JILL
      Jill decided to start tanning ! No chance of burning the Jumbles now ! Imagine you guys are getting excited now - we have about 12 days to go... If I recall you leave much sooner than that.
    14. cancuncouple
      Hello Pat and Michelle, this is Ron. Laura is the better half. Yes hopefully we get to TR by 1pm. Will have to have a drink.
    15. JEFF & JILL
      JEFF & JILL
      Forgot to mention the other reason Jill needs to either tan or use SPF9000 -- cuz if she burns her boobies she will have to cover them up, and that would be very very bad :(
    16. JEFF & JILL
      JEFF & JILL
      Tomorrow we get to do our Express Check-In. When that happens the excitement starts to build super fast ! Jill doesn't think she will tan - doesn't like to - will just be white like in her pictures, but that's ok - will have to take SPF 9000 instead ! I don't want to worry about burning, so I'm tanning. Funny how you don't think at all about suntan lotion when you are boozing it up and laughing yourself silly.
    17. JEFF & JILL
      JEFF & JILL
      18 days for us ! Hope the teens that they are talking about in a trip report from last week all clear out by the end of the month. We only had one trip that got a little spoiled because of some really young drunk guys.
    18. JEFF & JILL
      JEFF & JILL
      The 6 friends we usually meet up with at TTR just came back last week. We couldn't make their date this time. They apparently got bumped to Desire Pearl because TTR was overbooked, and said they would never go back to TTR after being there. They say it was 5X or even 10X better (facilities, food, service, etc.). Have you ever gone to DP ?

      You are right about making the best of TTR without being able to do the Boobs Cruise. I will still manage to get hammered at least one day (always do, but never planned), and Jill will manage to get crazy in the pool with new friends (always do, but never planned).
    19. JEFF & JILL
      JEFF & JILL
      Wouldn't you know it -- this will be our 6th trip to TTR, and we have missed the Boobs Cruise every time ! Steve must think we might be so wild we would sink the thing ! (Probably more like we can only do short trips because of Jill's business, so we just hit off weekends...) Oh well -- we'll manage to have a great time anyway !
    20. kevinp4960
      nah, mel dont do boats!!!!! gutted, but cant wait to start partying, looking at the forum it going to be busy, brill, how many of the theme nights are you planning on
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    Fire Fighter and Surgical Tech
    Married with 5 kids, almost empty nesters, and looking forward to our sixth trip to TTR!!!

    Riding Motorcycles, Skiing, Volleyball, and Having a good time


    6th November 11-18, 2017
    5th Apr 28-May 7, 2016 ~ 4th Apr 26-May 2, 2015
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