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Mar 15, 2013
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Near Cincinnati


Enthusiast, from Near Cincinnati

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paulandcornie was last seen:
Jan 21, 2019 at 10:05 AM
    1. SL-UT
      We have a place in southern Utah about 1.5 hrs from Vegas, we can usually find ourselves down there pretty regularly. We should be friends on FB. So much easier to converse.
    2. curious_couple4345
      We arrive 5/21 also, our first to TTR. Boobs cruise on 23rd?
    3. MandEOntario
      Looking great you two!
    4. SL-UT
      Was great finally meeting in October. Were you able to fit May 16 into you schedule?
    5. LarKat
      Hi from Larry and Kathy from Michigan. It was great meeting both of you. We tried to find you at the pool the day we left to say bye but obviously no luck. Hope to meet up some time again at TTR. Larry and Kathy LarKat
    6. socalcpl951
      Hi Guys...It was great meeting you both this last week. Although it was brief, it was a blast. Maybe our paths will cross again on future trips!
    7. Kev'nVicki
      Hey, we are Kevin And Vicki. We arrive on the 4th. Hope to meet you guys! We'll be in the group with Todd, Dawn, Fern and Troy.
    8. vanislcpl
      I am going to the ladies underwear store in the morning to get something cool for Fern and I was thinking about getting a matching set for you three ladies for a super cool picture for us all to remember this party. If Cornie is not camera shy I will get her a pair also. I will just need a size or I am buying a round of the smallest ones I can find
    9. vanislcpl
      Hey guys. Did Cornie happen to buy a candy bra for school girl night. Fern and Dawn both have one and would not want Cornie to feel left out. And Paul yes we also have under the button candy nut huts. So ya better get one for that kilt. Lol
    10. vanislcpl
      Not long now hotties. We don't land until 530 in the evening so we will miss the pool. We there in time for Tuesday kereoke in the night shoes part. Be sure to look for us. Just look for the smoking hot blonde and the fat bald guy lol. Can't wait to meet you guys
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