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Jan 16, 2017
Dec 22, 2014
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Fort Worth, Texas


Enthusiast, from Fort Worth, Texas

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Jan 16, 2017
    1. Whis&Miss
      We'll look forward to meeting you guys in the days prior. Bummer about the BC dates not working....
    2. Whis&Miss
      Saw you guys on the Boob Cruise roster. We're at TTR July 20 - 25. We are from DFW as well.
    3. Bob&Ivy
      July????? Not warm enough for you where you live in July? You live in the North Pole? LOL Tell Santa we have been very good this year if you do. Have a great holiday season!
    4. Bob&Ivy
      Ivy and I hope that you have a very happy and healthy holiday. The video below is one of the many holiday light shows I do to raise money for the area's for Make-A-Wish foundation. h[ame="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87HG0Xe8Ju8"]ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87HG0Xe8Ju8[/ame]

      All the shows including our New Years rock shows can be viewed on YouTube. Search; rblue59 channel. Hope you enjoy them. Merry Christmas!!
    5. Bob&Ivy
      I have not heard back from Chris "Moneymaker" since our April trip. I go through Deidra via CancunCare with no response to date. let me know if there is another way o contact Chris. Thanks. Bob
    6. Bob&Ivy
      Hey Guys. Ivy and I hope that you have been well since we saw you in Cancun. Keep in touch.
    7. Bob&Ivy
      Hi guys. Ivy and I hope that you have been well since returning home. As an FYI although it is not yet booked, we are hoping to return to TTR on October 22 and return on the 31st. We've decided that we deserve more than one vacation per year. We are looking at other destination options for the future but at this time we are comfortable with TTR. We hope to see you again sometime. I have not yet heard back from Chris. Keep in touch.
    8. Bart & Ahnji
      Bart & Ahnji
      It was nice to meet you guys .
    9. Bob&Ivy
      Posting pictures is a bit time consuming but easy. It only allows to upload 4 at a time. Be sure to resize them to the 600x600 pixels if possible. If they are too big they will not upload. Go to your albums and find the ADD ALBUM tab and simply upload what you want and be sure to designate which picture you want as the album cover. (You will see the option provided by every picture) I uploaded ours yesterday. I changed the security on my site so it is no longer "Public". I prefer to keep the photos available to only those we befriend on the website. Let me know if you are unable to view them. Thanks.
    10. Bob&Ivy
      It was great meeting you two. We didn't hang out much but hope to more the next time. I am in the process of uploading pictures. It may take some time but we have at least one with you at Paty-O's. Hope your trip home went well.
    11. Bob&Ivy
      See you thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    12. Bob&Ivy
      If you didn't already know, the Boobs Cruise the 26th has been mover to the 24th. Hope that works for you because we will be there!!!!!
    13. MandEOntario
      Fun profile shot there, sexxies
    14. Bob&Ivy
      First boobs cruise? Awesome. Looking forward to doing the cruise with you.
    15. toutou
      It will be perfect if you're half naked :) We ordered some very sexy kit for my wife, can't wait that everybody take a look at her :)
    16. PBandJ
      We are newbies and I have a question. For the theme nights, do all the cancuncare members do something different than the actual hotel does for there theme nights or do you do the same theme? I need to start shopping:crab:
    17. Jess N Paul
      Jess N Paul
      Looks like we have some partying to do in April!!!!
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