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Jan 25, 2013
Oct 7, 2012
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Alvarado, Texas (not near the border)
I work for Halliburton. Sometimes hesitate to say


Enthusiast, from Alvarado, Texas (not near the border)

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Jan 25, 2013
    1. Tina & Ron
      Tina & Ron
      So excited should be sitting by the pool by 4pm on the 6th
    2. HolaLola
      Fun meeting you and crazy boat trip. Awesome memories to daydream about while back in the real world. Catch you by the pool!
    3. Footlong
      It was nice meeting both of you, hope you had a safe trip home :)
    4. kenny and tammy
      kenny and tammy
      Thanks and I do remember you guys we had a blast also especially Tammy she gets a lil crazy when she drinks lol
    5. HolaLola
      5 days to touchdown .... then on to the pool
    6. shastatown
      We will be there....always in for happy hour.....which at TTr is most hours..
    7. dazandally
      We will get the place warmed up for you lol
    8. tex-eattle
      thanks looking forward to it
    9. HolaLola
      Don't worry ... I am ready. Had to start breaking myself in for the Bubba Mug of Tequila at the pool! It won't be long now.
    10. prowler411
      Back at ya. All of my new friends
    11. Scott'N'Jenn
      Help November already... Cruise just around the corner. See ya soon.
    12. HolaLola
      Hola new friends ... we will be there Nov 22 to Dec 2. Cruisn the 26th and 30th with others we've recruited to share the love. Always exciting to make new friends!
    13. vodkatonic
      hey thanks for the friend invite............mike and cindy(sin-D)......nov 16-24
    14. shastatown
      Welcome - we are there 20-27, theme nights are a blast and boobs cruise is a whole day of entertainment....look forward to having a drink around the pool.

      Shannon & John
    15. Darin & Melissa
      Darin & Melissa
      Send us a private message and we can get some better ideas of when and where to meet.
    16. prowler411
      Sounds good , we wanted to kmow what to expect before we get there. Hope to see you soon.
    17. Darin & Melissa
      Darin & Melissa
      It was a tremendous trip minus a couple of issues. We are pretty easy when it comes to getting out and like to meet new people. Obviously we have more choices up here in Burleson. We coyld try before you head out and tell you about our trip or give pointers if it's your first time.

    18. Darin & Melissa
      Darin & Melissa
      We are home now and resting. We would love to get together sometime.
    19. Jess N Paul
      Jess N Paul
      You may want to put a few more stats up on your page. Just opens up conversation or interest from other people once they know that you'll be there the same time as them.
    20. Jess N Paul
      Jess N Paul
      Ah,hopefully we will be IN the sexy pool by then. We land at 10:30 a.m. This is our 3rd time but we have not been on the Boobs Cruise yet. I know, I get sea sick so have been very leary about commiting BUT this time we are going to do it. People are wonderful and so easy going. This time seems we've timed it right to meet up with a group "Chaos Crew" that meet every year. We hope to meet all these people (mostly on the Boobs Cruise, if not before). The first time we went we had NO idea and went with 3 other couples that were not real happy; all the while my husband and I were saying "We can't wait to come back alone!" As far as the bracelets are concerned..if you go on the Boobs Cruise, they give them out. I bought some on line thru the cancer hope page. They are orange and they say "cancer sucks." I can't wait,the time is going so slowly! Have you checked out the "themes" for each night? They are posted. I'm still busy gathering "outfits" for these nights.
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    Alvarado, Texas (not near the border)
    I work for Halliburton. Sometimes hesitate to say
    We have been in the lifestyle off and on for 20 years

    WE love to take trips on my motorcycle, and to be in the sun and water