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Mar 12, 2018
Sep 29, 2012
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Regular, from Oklahoma

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Mar 12, 2018
    1. mr.and mrs. c
      mr.and mrs. c
      Are you guys planning a trip to TTR? We will be there end of June. Would love to see you guys again!
    2. gonzo1221
      Hey guys, I was checking the forums out and came across y'all's picture, LOl. When are y'all going down in July? We are booked for June 20 to July 5th.
    3. AdventureCpl
      It was so great to meet you guys. Thanks for helping us out with the room crawl- it was a lot of fun! Also enjoyed all the games of beach volleyball with ya'll :) Hope to see you again back at TTR when they re-open!
    4. mr.and mrs. c
      mr.and mrs. c
      Exhausted, but made it home. Took all day/night! Great meeting you both!

      Jason and Mary
    5. Bruce & Leeloo
      Bruce & Leeloo
      The 6th - 13th saw your chairs last July !
    6. Jimmy n Stacie
      Jimmy n Stacie
      We arrive from Vegas on the 26th. Looking forward to having a blast at our home away from home. CHEERS!!!
    7. AdventureCpl
      No problem! I actually have no idea lol it took me forever to figure out how to invite anyone myself but its a public group so anyone can join if you send them the link or something. I can create a new thread with the details like they've been doing for the June crawls that might make it easier for people to see too. Trying to figure out the best way to reach everyone. Once I create the thread for it I'll post the link in the Facebook pages as well so we can get a final count before the crawl. Us hosts will need to know how many shots to provide!
    8. Bruce & Leeloo
      Bruce & Leeloo
      Hey guys ! What part of O are you from ,Tulsa here Boomer Sooner
    9. jimandsandra
      Yandy item arrived today. Just a small modification needed and it will be ready for TTR. Of course I'm thinking she needs an alternative red dress. But since it is school girl night, the pics I just posted might work well that night too. ;)
    10. jimandsandra
      Same thoughts here. Checking off the calendar one day at a time.... Just placed a Yandy order... Something else to be waiting on..
      Jim & Sandra
    11. jimandsandra
      Hi Guys...Looks like we will be partying it up real soon! Looking forward to meeting y'all...
      - Sandra & Jim
    12. MissyandMark
      Sounds good and see you there
    13. MissyandMark
      july 3 the the 10th
    14. willowno7
      Hi hope to be going 25th June till 6 th July so hope to see you our first time .

      Thanks s
    15. gonzo1221
      Hey guys how are y'all doing these days? We are going the 1st to the 8th, and look forward to seeing again, LOl!!! since we always miss out when we come back to Oklahoma. Talk to y'all soon.
    16. amybobby5
      Hi how are you guys?
    17. Sharon_and_Ivan
      Thank you! We are envious! We haven't planned our next trip there yet, but hope you enjoy yours!
    18. benanddeanna23
      We'll be there about the same dates as you guys! July 1-5! Looking forward to meeting you! Ben and DeAnna
    19. KSfun
      Sounds like a deal! We're in on the 4th and there until the 11th, so we'll definitely have to say hi and share a cold beverage! It can't come soon enough!
      J.D. & Jenn
    20. Landy44
      Hey there,
      Thanks for friend request !! We saw the message about the shirts that will be on your chairs. We would possibly like to get to know you two better before we get there.??
      Our email is Laydown777@gmail.com. We would be glad to share my photos and chat a bit .
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