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Sep 29, 2012
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Regular, from Oklahoma

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Jun 19, 2018 at 1:56 PM
    1. KSfun
      Sounds like a deal! We're in on the 4th and there until the 11th, so we'll definitely have to say hi and share a cold beverage! It can't come soon enough!
      J.D. & Jenn
    2. Landy44
      Hey there,
      Thanks for friend request !! We saw the message about the shirts that will be on your chairs. We would possibly like to get to know you two better before we get there.??
      Our email is Laydown777@gmail.com. We would be glad to share my photos and chat a bit .
    3. Bruce & Leeloo
      Bruce & Leeloo
      Thank you for the friend request. See you soon!
    4. Robert and Kerrie
      Robert and Kerrie
      In 27 days we'll be at the pool! Already loosing sleep in anticipation, lol.
    5. PAnLexKy
      Thanks for the request!!
    6. Robert and Kerrie
      Robert and Kerrie
      Thanks for the friend request! Counting the days - it's booking day for the booze cruise!
    7. britun2
      Thanks for the friend request, see you guys in the sexy pool! We're counting down the days !
    8. Punkinpie
      Love your nickname too!!
    9. Erincali
      See you guys at the pool!
    10. Rob N Kris
      Rob N Kris
      Yes, we will be there from 28th thru the 3rd.
    11. gonzo1221
      Will y'all be going back to Temptation in July? We are going back July 2 to July 10.
      Your buddies Tim and Amy
    12. in2it
      Okay, we know what to look for! Hopefully we will be there around 3:00, or if we are lucky, earlier. But, we have to unpack and get set up in the room, but we will come out by the pool and look for your as soon as we get there! Can't wait to meet you both!!!!
    13. kandl
      We fly out tomorrow morning be there mid day or so
    14. RandE
      What?? Man I wish! We get there on the 8th. Y'all will still be there, right? Warm up sexy pool for us!!
    15. in2it
      Hey that's a brilliant idea! Might have to look into getting some T-shirts and doing the same. I went to Walmart and got a couple of Bubba mugs. Blue was the only color they had left. Then I bought some alphabet stickers and put our screen name on them (IN2IT). The stickers are pretty big so you shouldn't miss them! We will look for your T-shirts. Can't wait to meet you two! We're gonna have some serious fun!!!!!
    16. in2it
      Will will be there Wed. 7/2-7/12, so our dates are pretty close. We would love to meet you too! We are Phyllis and Joel and we live in the Kansas City, MO area. This will be our 6th trip to TTR. We love it! It is, however, our first trip in July! Very excited about it too! Looks like a lot of fun people will be joining us. I usually wear all my CCC orange bracelets on my left hand, and a couple of pink bracelets on my right. We probably won't get to the resort until 3:30 or so on Wednesday, so look for us at the sexy pool for sure on Thursday. So excited!!!! Can't wait!!!!!
    17. PrincessMill
      Are you getting excited-im going mad lol :-)
    18. PrincessMill
    19. PrincessMill
      See you soon!!! It's almost party time!!
    20. PrincessMill
      I will have a pink wrap tied around my chair at the sexy pool that has "PrincessMill" written on it... come find me if I don't find you first, I arrive June 29th !!!
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