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Aug 31, 2017
Sep 10, 2014
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Aug 31, 2017
    1. antden
      Hey you guys should do the boobs cruise on the fourth believe me you will be disappointed if you miss it over the foam party.its not all that good. And you will have enough time to rest before lingerie night
    2. shastatown
      Looks like some switches on Dec 2 boobs cruises, hopefully you will get on! Hopefully Steve will update wait list or you will have to show up early that day rearing to go!
    3. AW
      Looking forward to meeting you guys.
      Adam and Beth
    4. Kevin_Ailsha
      What are your dates? We are there 16-22?
    5. lovetoshow
      Just joined site on 10/30/14 We will get a photo up soon. We are staying at TTR, we are booked on boobcruse 11/28 Tuesday.
    6. antden
      Thanks for the add :)
    7. RON AND DEB
      Well, last time we were there, on school girl nite, my husband wore a kilt, it was a big hit! On white nite, he wore a white shirt and blue jeans, on uniform nite, I was a cop and he was my prisoner :-) he wore stripped boxer briefs and a prisoner hat ( my favorite nite), we might use that for cosplay nite. I am working on Hawaiian nite now, I think a brown grass skirt for him and ankle blacelets (samoan) and a green grass skirt for me with coconuts and lays for us both.
    8. RON AND DEB
      Looking forward to meeting you all in December! Great advice from Shannon and John to Rick and Mel, theme nights are so much fun! Just went shopping tonite!
    9. shastatown
      Welcome, our 3rd trip in November and love it because people are great and so friendly! Recommend lots of bathing suits, cover-ups, couple pair of flip flops (they get lost, among other things!) and little sexy dresses for dinner which weigh nothing. The guys basically are in T's and bathing suits by day and always look great in a nice tapered dress shirt and shorts or casual pants for dinner. Theme night clothing takes the most room if you intend to participate in all. They are a ton of fun and always recommend a few drinks before getting into the first outfit if you need courage! Next day is easier after making so many new friends!

      Shannon and John
    10. rambo67
      This is our first trip..trying to figure out what clothes I need to buy ?!?!
    11. Cdnprairiegirl
      This will be our second year with the Chaos Crew....everyone was friendly and welcoming. Look forward to meeting you.
      Ashley and Dave
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