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Mar 15, 2018
Feb 22, 2013
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Apr 20, 1969 (Age: 49)
Waterford, MI
Automotive Supplier and Travel Agent


Enthusiast, 49, from Waterford, MI

Registered Member

New TTR 9/14! Aug 25, 2017

RayAndKat was last seen:
Mar 15, 2018
    1. RayAndKat
      New TTR 9/14!
    2. GEO
      Hey Guys,
      It's Tracy....I'm coming down Sept 6-15 with my new bou...no Geo and Tracy anymore but still on his page, still really good friends. Dwayne and i can't wait to see you guys!!
      1. RayAndKat likes this.
    3. AJ and Paul
      AJ and Paul
      Gah so sorry we missed saying goodbye to you guys ;(
      Had a fun time with you both!! Xoxo AJ and Paul
    4. bobandangie
      5 more days!1st round on us in sexy pool!
    5. iowa farmers
      iowa farmers
      wish we could find a fun resort in cabo again.. we actually prefer the area better over cancun. if you ever go back March or April let us know. maybe we can make our own fun
    6. iowa farmers
      iowa farmers
      March 2011 TTR cabo?? us too.. our first trip and been going ever since (to mexico that is) the actual resorts web site (Pearl) has listed the theme nights for dressing up.. Having never been to a desire or CO resort yet we cannot speak from experience..
    7. Aguy6708
      Going back March 29- April 6
    8. RayAndKat
      Exactly one week from today we will be floating in the pool!
    9. Johnny & Amanda
      Johnny & Amanda
      We got the yacht for Jan 2nd that was the only day it was open during our 10 days. Did you book it as well? If so (not that we are inviting ourselves) but we would love to go out twice and if not your welcome to join us!
    10. GEO
      We are going to plan on spring. Just don't know when yet. Tracy is just starting a new job .
    11. Johnny & Amanda
      Johnny & Amanda
      Looks like we will be there the same time in Dec we are members as well. It can't get here soon enough!
    12. GEO
      Hey guys...what a bummer about the back...not fun at all. Too bad we won't be going at the same time. Hopefully next year (2015) maybe. Hope all is well. Take it easy and keep us posted on the back and if you need anything. Tracy (and George)
    13. GEO
      hEY Guys we booked for Hallowen week. Any chance you can make it around then ?
    14. Bob&Ivy
      Hi guys. You were on our friends list and I thought that we might meet you when we went in April. We may have and I just don't remember since many brain cells did not make the return trip home. Anyway we hope that you had a great time. Looking to get back around Halloween.
    15. GEO
      Looks like halloween for this year unless we book something last minute for the spring. We will let you know if we do book.
    16. TylerandKelly
      feb 17-24... the week 8 crew gotta come!!!! miss u guys
    17. GEO
      When i get my shit together i will send you the pics we have. We are going back for Halloween this October.
    18. GEO
      Great meeting you 2. Still unpacking and trying to find time to download pics. Thanks again for setting up the boat ride. Great time. We will be in touch.
    19. Accutemp
      Stavving !!!
    20. RayAndKat
      All checked in and ready to go!!!!
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    Apr 20, 1969 (Age: 49)
    Waterford, MI
    Automotive Supplier and Travel Agent
    Easy, laid back couple who do not take life too seriously........seriously


    Temptation Cabo March 2011, Sea Adventure April 2012, Temptation April 2013, Temptation April 2014, Temptation Dec 2014 - Jan 2015, Temptation April 2015, Desire April 2015
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