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Oct 23, 2018
Jan 21, 2016
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regalsteph was last seen:
Oct 23, 2018
    1. Winter
      Hi Regal and Steph. Sorry we have not been on Cancun Care for ages. Do you have our email address? How was Temptations? We are actually headed there in a couple of weeks (Feb 23). Going to split 8 days between TTR and Desire.
    2. RobCher11
      We sure well. Damn autocorrect. Lol
      1. regalsteph likes this.
    3. RobCher11
      We see will. See you on the 17th.
    4. GIN & RUM
      GIN & RUM
      Be there Mar 2 to9. 2017
    5. Winter
      Hi Regal and Steph. I hope you had a great summer! Where in Mexico did you go in November? We are planning to go in February next year. Unfortunately with Temptations closed, we are looking at other options. Possibly desire or breathless.

      Sorry to take so long to respond; I haven't logged onto this forum for quite some time and when I did I didn't notice your message until just now.

      Dan and Christy
    6. PIECO
      Arrive on 29th but hopefully will enjoy what activities are left for the week of HNH
    7. Winter
      It was a pleasure meeting you. I hope you guys enjoyed the rest of your holiday. Will you be returning next year?
    8. Shank and Geep
      Shank and Geep
      Thanks! We will be there on the 19th for 7 days. Ready for some R&R. We are traveling with 10 friends. The countdown is on!
    9. Viva La Vodka
      Viva La Vodka
      We'll take you under our wings!! LOL This will be my third trip. Meeting up with friends from the UK who've been there I don't know how many times. Met them on my very first trip. Also meeting a couple I met last year from Kentucky. You guys will love it!!! I get in CRAZY early Saturday morning the 20th, so I'll be ready to rock and roll!
    10. 2plus4
      We'll be there May 18-25
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