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    1. CajunBo22
      my wife and i are thinking of going there in may next yr is the pool topless
    2. robndiane
      I see your point - when we last went to GP, there was a lot of sexual energy starting at about 2pm each day after everyone was niced and boozed. We both had encounters that we didn't expect to happen there!
    3. robndiane
      Oops, my bad. Saw your trip report near the top of the GP Forum and mistook it for 2015. Trying somewhere new? We were considering Cabo late summer/fall, but not sure which adults-only all-inclusive resort to choose. Wife doesn't want something so outwardly sexy as Temptations (is the Cabo one even good??), but also not something prude where honeymooners just float around on rafts all day gazing into each other's eyes.
    4. robndiane
      When do we get to see new pics from the GP?!
    5. Fredmgill
      We hope to see you again next Halloween!
    6. Fredmgill
      Hello, It was nice meeting you at TTR. All the best!
      Paul and Lisa from NY
    7. annika
      Hey there! I am Annika (newbie) here :)
    8. sugX
      Not sure if you're new here or to TTR but we can assure you that you will not be disappointed about what sounds like an exciting trip that you lined up! We can say that as we're from the great frozen tundra ourselves! Always nice to know that there are like minded people in Packerland! We(I) have hoped to go around the time you're planning on going this year but just cannot line it up. We usually go around our anniversary at the end of January and likely will again in 2016. Your wife will certainly not have any issues with :flash: at any time and you really NEED to do the Boobs Cruise on your trip; you'll likely will never be the same after it...well unless you want to be. So enjoy your trip!
    9. mnjvegas
      Hey are you guys going back to GP around same time? We booked 12-2 to 12-9!
    10. DT
      Hey lovely couple.
    11. JimCarrie
      Thanx for the GP trip report. We've done TTR 4 times and Oasis Sens once, lookin n to mix it up again from our MidWestern day2day reality... U gave us more to anticipate! Thanx!
    12. WiscHunter
      Wife and I will be at the Golden Parnassus the first week of February. I see there are several reviews which talk about topless being pretty popular. It appears to be more tame in the recent years. You referred to a sexy pool. Is this considered the hot tub at Golden? Thanks for your response.
    13. shastatown
      3rd time back looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new. Hope to see you both at the sexy pool

      Shannon & John
    14. Restling
      I'm not a travel agent, so I don't know. I think the only way to avoid being bumped is not to go when they are very busy.
    15. Angie22
      I was wondering, since your a travel agent, what travel site do you recommend using when booking travel to the Golden? We fly out of detroit and do not want to risk "the bump". We usually use Apple for AI trips. Thanks for your help, Angie Hunter
    16. Mike_and_Linda
      We are there from 11/28-12/8. Look forward to meeting you both :)
    17. hut91
      Sexy couple !!!
    18. vodkatonic
      we like GP also but gota try GOV this time.(april 25)...week of xmas we will be at GP. ttr somewhere inbetween...
    19. robndiane
      Love the pics! What a hot couple!
    20. iowa farmers
      iowa farmers
      if you havnt booked yet, consider last week in Feb.. lol
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    GP 11/29-12/3 2013, GP 11/28-12/3 2014
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