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Aug 20, 2017
Jan 6, 2010
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We are from Panama City Beach, Florida
I am a Engineer and Ashley is an Attorney


Enthusiast, from We are from Panama City Beach, Florida

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Aug 20, 2017
    1. smileyblueeyes
      Have you guys heard about the TTR Exiles- KC Party? It's Jan 20-21st!

      Here's the forum link... http://www.cancuncare.com/forum/temp...nsas-city.html

      Here's the Facebook link... https://www.facebook.com/events/699162960259993/

      Event Tickets... https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ttr-k...790?aff=efbneb


      Bus cruise is Saturday and $25 per person. Send money to reserve your spot to Laura via paypal. If you want to join that, message me and I'll send you her email.

      If you need a hotel room, let me know if you'd like one King or two Queens and if you are coming in Thursday, Friday, or Saturday! It's looking like $95 per night.

      Thanks! Hope to see you!
    2. smileyblueeyes
      I've got you down for 2 stickers! They haven't all been claimed yet! Just placed our last orders today with Amazon Prime! I hope I have all the theme nights covered! We get there TUESDAY!!!
    3. smileyblueeyes
      We will be there for your whole trip! Are you signed up for the Boobs Cruise? We will be there on the 3rd and 8th. This trip is going to be amazing! We've been trying to get back for 3 years. I'll have the Labor Day Crew stickers for your Bubba Mugs for $2 each and we're giving the proceeds to Chinos Cause for Cancer. Let me know if you need any!
    4. Tandemrider
      We are having a sex toy exchange party on Sept 7th. If your interested we have started a thread on here about it. It's sure to be a riot!
    5. Riverrat
      ok ok ok we have been off this site for some time we are headed to Temptations and Pearl in September from the 2nd to the 13th we look forward to meeting old friends and meeting new friends......... See you all then, if you see us please come up to us and say hello.
      XOXOXOXOXO Joe and Ashley
    6. Riverrat
      i am afraid we will not be on the boobs cruise! but we will be dressing up for theme nights!!
    7. PrincessMill
      Im there from June 29-July 6 - are you going to participate in theme nights?
    8. PrincessMill
      Are you guys planning on coming on the boobs cruide on july 4.?
    9. Riverrat
      5 more days until we arrive at desire then temptation!!!! Yea ya save us a few drinks!!!!
    10. Riverrat
      Punkinncream we will not be on the boobs cruise cause Ashley can not be on a boat for 3 months due hip surgery!! So sorry
    11. punkinncream
      We are at TTR from 6/30-7/10. Are you guys going on the Boobs Cruise? Love to meet you guys!!
    12. FunHsvCpl
      Were are going to be down the same week. Hope to meet y'all! Jim-n-Laurie
    13. Jenjoe
      people mad at me over that comment...lol
    14. Riverrat
      We are so ready for a great vacation a few days at desire and then capping it all off at temptation for 5 days!! Looking to meet some really cool and fun people.........we arrive t temptation the 28 and then leave the 7 th of July see you all their!!!!
    15. AdventureCpl
      We will be there the 3rd through the 8th...It will be our first time.. I'm so excited!
    16. Pat & Michelle
      Pat & Michelle
      It was great meeting you guys this year and hopefully our paths will cross again next year.
    17. Tvillcouple
      So glad we got to meet you guys. Hopefully we can get together in August. Miss you already. Consuela
    18. Riverrat
      Sounds good!
    19. GoGoBlanco
      Certainly is dudes, April 23rd 2005. A lovely sunny spring day. We are planning celebrating all week as it's also GoGo's 50th birthday on the 3rd, just BEFORE we get there! I'm sure we'll be able to raise a glass of fizz together at some point!
    20. GoGoBlanco
      Hi guys! Have read somewhere on your posts that you are celebrating your 8th anniversary on 23rd April, which means we got married on exactly the same day! Unfortunately we leave TTR on the 22nd, and will be touching down back home on the 23rd.
      See you there!
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  • About

    We are from Panama City Beach, Florida
    I am a Engineer and Ashley is an Attorney
    We love TTR, We have made several friends and have kept in touch with them!!!!

    We both enjoy dancing and boating! We also enjoy hanging with great people! TTR 4/18-4/25
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