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Oct 10, 2017
Feb 23, 2011
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cornwall ontario

rock and debby

Enthusiast, from cornwall ontario

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Oct 10, 2017
    1. DOUBLE G 9
      DOUBLE G 9
      Deb; Ginny isn't on here much either but I will make sure she gets your info to connect on fb. Hope you both are well as well, and enjoyed the rest of your vacation, Gord
    2. Brett&Paula
      Creepin around are ya ?????
    3. rock and debby
      rock and debby
      Omfg lol! That's funny
    4. FLYERFAN44
      you and I could have done the couples
    5. FLYERFAN44
      The thought of cuddling on the floor with you rock would make the trip worth while , haha, our trip sucked , it was the worst experience we have ever had there , people not freindly at all , the place was full of single guys and there was no theme night participation . oh well what do ya do . by the time we got miguelle,s surgery date and tried to book April it was sold out, mid April would have been perfect because her surgery is April 25th in Moncton, we both wish we where going especially now that everyone is getting ready to head out. hope you have a great trip and say hello to everyone for us .
    6. rock and debby
      rock and debby
      Perfect thanks again
    7. Donald
      Van is booked for the 14th ,, see you at he airport
    8. shawnandlynn
      Of course !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    9. English James
      English James
      Ok sounds like fun....
    10. English James
      English James
      Hey guys! I thought I'd stop by and say I'm travelling alone from England on April 11-19 so thought I'd break the ice!
    11. Footlong
      Yes we made it home safe and sound, glad you guys did too. It was great meeting you both!
    12. Donald
      Bags are at the door
    13. FLYERFAN44
      so you will be there before us so try to pace yourself Rock on sunday until we get there, IO know that will not be a problem for Deb because she is such a responsible Drinker. lol, have a safe trip and see you around 2 pm.
    14. Donald
      E tickets done , were in seat 5a 5b
    15. Donald
      getting close ,,see you on the 9th
    16. FLYERFAN44
      Thanks , I hear ya, I never post , but just had enough , mig was saying you guys are doing the private cruise on the 12th, as you know we only get there that day so we could not go, but we will be there when you return, maybe not as drunk , but atleast we will have started,lol it will be great to see you guys again and share a few laughs, you guys have a very large group there this year should be interesting to watch !!!
    17. Cplplay69
      Look forward to meeting you !
    18. missouricouple
      Looking forward to meeting you guys in April!
    19. FunArkyCouple
      You are welcome! We look forward to meeting you guys too. We've heard you Canadians know how to party! :)

      Jeremy and Stephanie
    20. fishin4fun
      Can't get here soon enough!! Look forward to having a drink with you at the sexy pool ;)
      Brett & Becky
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