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Sep 9, 2017
Jan 26, 2010
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Calgary, Canada


Enthusiast, from Calgary, Canada

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Sep 9, 2017
    1. David & Rhonda
      David & Rhonda
      Hi ! We are going to be at TTR the same time you are.. Just wanted to say hello to you here and hope to at the sexy pool too!
    2. DOUBLE G 9
      DOUBLE G 9
      Look forward to meeting you two on the 9th.
    3. GC Couple
      GC Couple
      Hi guys, looking forward to meeting you both when we arrive.
    4. cassandmar
      We are there the 8th to 14th. Hope to meet you .
    5. BigGuy1
      I am sorry to say that F-up our trip and will not be join you at TTR. We will be spending are April Vac. in the DR.. But we will be at the TTR. the last week in Oct.:icon_smile:
    6. GoGoBlanco
      Hi Rockie people! So you are true April Addicts. Our fist time with the April crowd, scary looking bunch they are! See you there, very soon!:daisy:
    7. BigGuy1
      Looks like you two are at ttr at the same time as we are. Hope we can meet up.
    8. Anastasia22
      :) sounds like it will be a blast
    9. mike&pam
      ya cant wait to meet u guys too. i know its going to be great time !!
    10. J&AKRAIN
      Looking foward to meeting you and all the other great peeps from around the globe. Let's have a blast!
    11. Brendan and Gerry
    12. midwestern
      We will be there 7-14 be great to meet you!!!!!!!!
    13. Denise B
      Denise B
      Hey there. This will be our first April trip. We're looking forward to finding out what the April Addicts are all about and are in for a great week long party. See you there.
    14. dikfore
      Its gonna be a blast. Can't wait to meet you guys too. She'll have a drunken monkey, and i'll have some purple shit... And wet pussies for everybody!
    15. latincanucks
      We'll be there Apr 12 to 19...see you around!
    16. tiogamike
      We'll have a slight head start on you two as we arrive on the 6th. looking forward to meeting up at the sexy pool for many, many adult beverages. It looks like we have the beginnings of a great group!
      Mike and Dorothy
    17. fit4funcpl1
      Welcome to the April group , you guys will have a blast with this crew..we look foward to meeting and partying with you ..Denise & Tom April 10th - 18th
    18. JimCarrie
      We'll be there 4/17... hope 2 be one of those new friends. Til then, stay thirsty my friend...
    19. brella
      Great to meet you 2. We have just got back 22nd April, had to stay an extra week, Oh hell!!!!! Ha Ha. Moved us to the Riu Cancun 5star all inclusive so had a relaxing week there also for free, can't be bad. Now need another week to recover. 3 weeks of booze and sun I'm spinning or is it the jet lag. Being awake 28hrs now only another 5 before night here. At least weve got the weekend before work.:flaguk:
    20. brella
      See you will be arriving at temptations the same day as us 2.4.10
      Have you signed up for the boobs cruise 6.4.10?
      What time do you arrive?
      We should be there about 5pm.
      Hope to see you in Patyios friday night.
      Michaela and Tony
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    Calgary, Canada
    4th Visit April 2015 (3rd April)


    Crystal & Darren
    Next Trip: April 9th to 17th 2015; 3rd w/April Addicts and 4th time Tempted