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Feb 12, 2012
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June 14


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Sep 6, 2018
    1. kevinp4960
      hi guys, sorry we only just got around to looking at the forum, we have had a busy couple of months with the wedding ( which was brill), and now we have a 3 week old grand daughter as well!!!!!! she is gorgeous and our 2 eyes (Alexandra Rose),
      its lovely to hear from you both, glad you had a fab time at temptation, gutted we had to miss it but defo planning to go again when it re opens, if they have not trebled the price lol, our e mail address is, would be great to see some pics of you all, once we have your email we will send some pics of the wedding and Alexandra. take care guys, missing you millions, kev and mel xx
    2. RON AND DEB
      The packing has begun, less than 48 hours! :-)
    3. Simply2Dlicious
      Hey guys love your pics !!! Will be home April 29-May 9 - see you there !!!
    4. RON AND DEB
      If anyone hears of a cancelation the week of April 26th - May 3rd, we sure would be interested in buying it from them!
    5. Pat & Michelle
      Pat & Michelle
      That stinks we wont see you guys this year, but we hope you guys have a great time wherever you go. Hopefully we will see you next year.
    6. Pat & Michelle
      Pat & Michelle
      Hey guys hope all is well with you two and the family. We just booked April 28th to May 7th hopefully we get to see you guys. Oh and thanks for the pic ;-)
    7. kevinp4960
      hi both, sorry only just picked up your message, hope you all good, miss you all loads, cant get to temptation next year, gutted, sams wedding plans coming together slowly, lol, heres our e mail address,, would love to hear from you, will defo be looking for 2017 temptation, would be great to meet up with the crew again, how are deb and john, please pass on our email, would love to keep in touch with everyone xx
    8. Mark and Staci
      Mark and Staci
      Nov 3-7. Then, Next April 16-24
    9. Mark and Staci
      Mark and Staci
      Hi. Yes we went on the yacht with 5 other couples. We consider it the best time we've had off the resort in our 8 trips. Very cool. We actually like it more than the boobs cruise, especially if you can get a few other couples to go. They anchor in crystal clear chest deep water off of Isla for a couple hours. Drinks are served. The on board staff wait on you hand and foot. The Captain told us "the only rules are, there are no rules!" So, other than something dangerous, anything goes...wink wink. hahaha
    10. Rick & Mel
      Rick & Mel
      So glad we get to see y'all again!!!
    11. Brennifer
      Hello from PA, Ron & Deb! We had such a great time at Temptation and it was wonderful meeting you! Finally got a chance to really search on here. We were looking to befriend John & Deb on here too, but we can't find them. Keep in touch! Jennifer & Bret
    12. kevinp4960
      hi guys, hope you all good, yeah fab time again with the 'gang', we really enjoyed, our e mail is

      we got photos to share aswell, i caught my starfish on our last day, so managed all 3 of my sailing delights,
      1. find a starfish
      2. capsize and recover
      3. BJ on the boat

      happy days, is doesnt get much better than that lol
    13. JEFF & JILL
      JEFF & JILL
      16 days, 6 hours, 2 minutes ! The excitement starts to build pretty quickly when you get to do your Express Check-In. Jill doesn't think she will tan -- she doesn't like to. Will have to take SPF 9000 instead ! Am sure we will run into you sometime during our stay. Jeff & Jill
    14. ChrisandKev
      hey - we are going for our second time May 4 - 11. Wife loves to dress up for theme nights and we are always looking for fun people to party with around the sexy pool! Make sure to say hello if we don't see you first :)
    15. kevinp4960
      omg, just rain and more rain here lol, cant wait to be back in the sun........ looking forward to a big catch up :) xx
    16. kevinp4960
      Only one month to go!!!!! can't wait to be in the sun and warm, really looking forward to it and just starting to get excited, I've been away from home this last week on a course, now that's done and dusted it's time to start thinking about packing and partying, whoop whoop
    17. Jess N Paul
      Jess N Paul
      See you soon!
    18. mikentoni
      We will be there May 3rd thru the 10th. Looking forward to meeting you guys!

      Mike n Toni
    19. RON AND DEB
      See you soon! Say hi when you see us :-)
    20. JEFF & JILL
      JEFF & JILL
      Glad to hear you got a great deal too ! It looked like we were going to miss our first TTR trip in 6 years because of a scheduling conflict with my business, but then that deal came up and we had to pull the trigger. We look forward to saying hello and and sharing a laugh or two - Jeff is a total cut-up.
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