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May 10, 2017
Feb 26, 2012
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April 28
Musician and Hair Stylist

Russ & Kathy

Regular, from Pennsylvania

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May 10, 2017
    1. Jess N Paul
      Jess N Paul
      i CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. Marjoel
      Marj and Joel -awesome! Looking forward to it.
    3. Anna and Chris
      Anna and Chris
      We're gonna hold you to it! Lol! Keep in touch!
    4. Anna and Chris
      Anna and Chris
      Hey y'all! Thanks for the FR! Looks like our dates line up. Looking forward to meeting you two!
    5. SeanandTina
      We are there the same as you. See you guys there.
    6. Lee and Gail
      Lee and Gail
      Hi Russ & Kathy. Looks like we'll be there at the same as you this year. We look forward to seeing you again and rocking those outfits!!
    7. russ&sonja
      We've been one time and trying to plan a trip again for 2016. Trying to determine when the best time to go is? Thanks for the friend request.
    8. FirsttimePacouple
      We are from the eastern part of Pa. In the Harrisburg area.I should have said east of you guys in central Pa. Wow I better not give any directions.
    9. 2wavemakers
      We will be in the sexy pool!
    10. Bob & Angela
      Bob & Angela
      Thanks for the friend request. We will be there Oct 24-Nov 2nd 2015. Stop by and say hello. Glad to see you are coming during H&H Week. Sooooo much fun :)
    11. jimandsandra
      I saw that you were going to be at TTR the same time. That is awesome.. Will look for you around the sexy pool and PatyOs..
    12. aragincajun
      i'll be there. can't wait to do it all over again!!!
    13. Lee and Gail
      Lee and Gail
      Same here. You're a great couple who really reflect the true TTR vibe. We are already searching for deals for next year so hope to see you there. We will keep in touch. L&G
    14. shotgun
      Thanks for the friend request. We get in on May 1st will look for you. If we do not meet up before, We have a meet and greet at 4pm at the table in the pool.
    15. ChrisandKev
      hey thanks for the friend request! we are going for our second time May 4 - 11. Wife loves to dress up for theme nights and we are always looking for fun people to party with around the sexy pool! Make sure to say hello if we don't see you first :)
    16. Mike and Ang
      Mike and Ang
      Enjoy! With young kids, we cannot travel during the school year. What part of PA are you in? We are just outside of Pgh.
    17. Mike and Ang
      Mike and Ang
      Thanks for the friend request. June will be our first time...when is your next trip?
    18. brandy1
      Thanks for the friends invite. Flying in w/ friends vodkatonic, meet you soon!
    19. budinsissy
      Thanks for request. we'll pick up your bar tab for you! We're good like that!
    20. Jess N Paul
      Jess N Paul
      HA we did the same thing a long time ago. You get there you meet people that you want to stay in contact with but don't exchange info (prob cuz we are always to drunk) and then you can't even find them on here. I understand the Newbies doing it because they are trying to be incognito.....but afterwards....heeeeyyyyyaaaa aaaaaayyyyyaa Don't stop the party!
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    April 28
    Musician and Hair Stylist
    Fun married couple Russ and Kathy

    Having fun, music, dancing,sex.... Maybe not in that order


    May 2010,May 2011,May 2012,May 2013,
    Oct. 2013, May 2014, April 2015, Oct 2015, May 2016, Sept 2016....:clappyinghappy::flash:
    Russ And Kathy !!
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