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Mar 15, 2017
Sep 11, 2015
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Enthusiast, from Jacksonville, Florida

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Mar 15, 2017
    1. cancunlove
      We're so ready to get this party started......
    2. Ourfunfun
      We're still talking it over, but we better decide soon because we are running out of time...
    3. Bill&Deb
      We will definitely be there so keep an eye out for us! Looks like we will all have a great least what will be able to remember of it.
    4. Bill&Deb
      Saying "Hi" to all of the other Newbies whose dates overlap with ours. Looks us up for drinks and fun!
    5. singlemalt
      Hey Rusweet good to hear from you. I like scotch, also like bourbon, prefer rum or Tequila in the afternoons. There you go .... pretty much like anything intoxicating! What about you. Will be bringing some good scotch and bourbon for sure. Not sure what to bring the ladies ..... JD fire seems to be popular on this forum
    6. Jeff & Tiff
      Jeff & Tiff
      Cant wait to see you there!!
    7. MelnReg
      We look forward to meeting you too! It's a blast!!!!!!!!!!!
    8. MelnReg
      Sorry we usually always go but with the Canadian dollar we are lucky to be going to TTR. It would be $300 Canadian. I hope it works out for you guys. I know the first time we wanted to do it there wasn't enough and Steve had to cancel the trip.
    9. R & B
      R & B
      The boobs cruise looks like a blast but Our off site activities are all about kite boarding .
      Hope we meet up for a drink to share stories.
    10. NorthernGal
      We will see you at the sexy pool then!!
    11. Jeff & Tiff
      Jeff & Tiff
      We haven’t really decided yet, this is our 3rd trip in a year and we have went on them both times, We were going to wait and see if it got close to selling out if not we may just wait and see if anyone we meet during our stay is going and then sign up.
    12. cancunlove
      Excited to get to meet y'all counting down the days
    13. KellynDes
      Thx for the note. We're still contemplating the boob cruise. It looks like a blast but that's our first morning there and we like to take it easy the first morning and set around and enjoy some coffee before we get our party on. Lol. I think we'll likely end up booking as we can't resist the temptation for an epic party. You folks booked already?
    14. eric ride
      eric ride
      very cool cant wait! valentine day anniv. good call!
    15. eric ride
      eric ride
      glad to see you're on the cruise this should be a blast! only 1 month out!!
    16. Badwon12
      hey guys, is it March yet?
    17. rusweet
      I like the way you think Jeff, never had a Drunkin Monkey but look forward to trying it out, hell the way my day has been today I need one right now. LOL
    18. Huntfish24-7
      We get in at 1:35 on sun country we were going to do the USA thing don't know yet
    19. Badwon12
      hey hey now, I only buy the good stuff, none of this cheap ass shit for us or our new friends. Drunkin Monkeys are on us
    20. rusweet
      We get in at 1:25PM on Jet blue. I think we booked something through the hotel but you can definitely hop in with us if your times work out. Badwon12 needs to know we need the good top shelf stuff, no mexican skunk to start off our trip!
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