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Jan 21, 2014
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Hell ya. January 23-30 Oct 27, 2017

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Jan 19, 2018 at 1:38 AM
    1. salesman69
      Hell ya. January 23-30
      1. lynnshaun likes this.
    2. lynnshaun
      are you coming in January?
      1. salesman69 likes this.
    3. iowa farmers
      iowa farmers
      Hey guys, how was PC? you should write a review.. Miss ya, wish you were going to Cancun first week of April.... Glad were not doing GOS, :)
    4. Flash2
      There are performers every night I believe. We go the first Saturday, as opening weekend is usually the best. It's quite a treat. Check it out! Performers
    5. Flash2
      We looked at Breathless. We are heading to Grand Oasis Sens the first week of April....Flint flights or Detroit flights would have been nice but we are flying out of Cleveland this time...crazy but the savings is worth it. Have you guys come down to Detroit for The Dirty Show in Detroit before?
    6. lynnshaun
      How was Breathless?
    7. Flash2
      Hello! Agreed, we can't wait for TTR to reopen. We are in lower Michigan, southeastern Michigan, metro Detroit. What about you?
    8. lynnshaun
      You guys are going to have a blast!!! I'm so sad we won't be going but Freddy will keep that dance party going!!
    9. Martinagirl
      I guess we will find out! Our group can get pretty crazy sometimes. We are smaller in numbers than usual, but there are still 10 of us - and it sounds like at least 5 or more other couples from TTR. We won't be hard to find. We will be the group with a huge bunch of inappropriate floaties! We are still waiting on the resort to post the themes. It's frustrating it takes them so long.
    10. lynnshaun
      Did you book breathless?
    11. djohnson
      Hey guys - I was just talking to Leanne Saturday about you. Hoping all is well? We were discussing TTR for 2018 (seems so far away). We sold our house and are moving in the spring - no vacation plans for us - too much going on.

      Perhaps we can all get together sometime soon? All the best.
    12. iowa farmers
      iowa farmers
      Booked April 5-12 to GP. :)
    13. lynnshaun
      Not sure yet...maybe April will be our month although i have been watching Breathless. You guys make any plans?
    14. iowa farmers
      iowa farmers
      our travel dates look like early March or Late March or April 5-12. :( have not booked anything yet..
    15. lynnshaun
      FREDDY!!! Hope you guys are plans yet for the winter, what are you guys thinking?
    16. salesman69
      Never been to Jamaica but stayed stayed at the Rio Palace in Dom. Rep. It was nice but we took the family so it was a little low key.
    17. iowa farmers
      iowa farmers
      let us know where you recommend in Dom Rep or Jamaca please,,
    18. salesman69
      We went to Dom. Rep. last year after cancun. It was a blast keep us in the loop I'll check back from time to time.
    19. iowa farmers
      iowa farmers
      might be looking into April to the Dom Rep.. group going to breathless or some other adult only resort there..
    20. iowa farmers
      iowa farmers
      March 2017?? TTR will be closed.
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