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Oct 8, 2018
Dec 23, 2013
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Lake District UK
This and that :)


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Let's get among it :) Jan 4, 2018

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Oct 8, 2018
    1. maxsteel
      May 16-22 over here, see you there!!
      1. sarahlee likes this.
      2. sarahlee
        first day curse for all of us :) should be at the pool bar by 3.30 pm :) First beers on us..
        May 1, 2018
    2. sarahlee
      Let's get among it :)
    3. WillLFC
      Hi me and Tracy are going in June when are you x
    4. FFC/WBA
      Hi both, well done, we've been monitoring prices for a few weeks now but decided not to decide until we'd returned from our ski holiday (last Sunday), just in case either use got "damaged" !!. If we do go, it will probably now be June to space the hols out, so looks like we'll miss you but you never know what will happen. Glad you checked Caribbean W and got some great savings. What dates do you go ? P & V xxx
    5. party time
      party time
      hey, thx for accepting, wat r ur dates
    6. Ed&Mag
      Great! See you there.
    7. Ed&Mag
      Hi, looks like we'll be there for the same timeframe. See you there. 3rd timers
    8. FFC/WBA
      Hi you two, just a quick note to wish you a very Happy Christmas & Prosperous New Year. Hope your both well. Have a great festive period. Hope to see you again in 2016... Lots of luv Paul & Viv xxx
    9. FFC/WBA
      Hi you two. Hope all's ok with you given all the rain and floods up your end. Hope all ok with you . Best wishes Paul & Viv
    10. FFC/WBA
      Luddite !!... Caribbean is a division of the Co-op, they book Thom.Cook holidays. so same as booking at travel agent. Thom.Cook now include dept tax in holiday cost but Thomson don't. Booked with TRAVEL Bag in May got better price than quoted below which inc B.A. flights. Premier Inn at Gatwick was only £39, you need to save money to spend on more holidays !! Probably, wont go to TTR next year either, with all the uncertainty, but no disrespect, wont be joining you in "Bognor" (LOL).. take care both of you
    11. FFC/WBA
      Hi both, just seen you posting re-going next May. Understand concerns, same with us but on cost do you monitor prices on Caribbean Warehouse. Currently quoting £1153 pp for May, £1130 for June (airport departure tax inc.).... just a thought as you quoted £3k. Viv & Paul xx
    12. Aaron & Becky
      Aaron & Becky
      Hey guys! We are doing great! How are things across the big pond? Not sure if we'll be able to go this year yet. Have a graduation to plan for in May, but we'll see. Fingers crossed.
    13. redmuller
      Well sad you guys are home, hope you had a fun time see you next year.
    14. Jandbex
      Hey guys hope you have a safe trip today see you by the sexy pool
      I'm wearing blue and white shorts.. Today :)
    15. James and Georgie
      James and Georgie
      See you by the pool Tuesday Evening, enjoy your weekend and have a safe trip ;-) xxx
    16. James and Georgie
      James and Georgie
      Not long now Guys ;-) xx
      1. sarahlee likes this.
    17. sarahf
      Nearly time my love :)
    18. mad060203
      Thanks! We can't wait! I actually think Brad is more excited about the honeymoon than the actual wedding!
      See you there!
    19. Jandbex
      Hey guys did you manage to download whats app? Got the group going 3 couples so far. Just private message us your number and we can add you :) x
    20. JandEinVa
      sounds like a plan!!! love that y'all are "trainees"... we'll join your team if that's ok with y'all?! ;)
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    May 2017- Closed- did Thailand with folks met a ttr.
    May 2018- We are back :)
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