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Nov 2, 2018
Mar 25, 2012
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San Diego


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Nov 2, 2018
    1. Erincali
      So we are going to miss you again this year! So close, but yet so far :-)
    2. M and M
      M and M
      We did a cruise March 4th while staying at the Westin. We had a blast,looking forward to staying at TTR this time. The foam party will be a new experience.
    3. M and M
      M and M
      Good news on the Boobs Cruise officially the 19th!
    4. M and M
      M and M
      Thanks for the support in the contest. We are looking forward to meeting everyone in June.
    5. joedogg1968
      We are booked for the 11th to the 20th its 4 trip in June. We are also west coasters from San Francisco why aren't there more TTR peeps from Cali? See you two in the sexy pool! Joe & Kathy
    6. Partyometer
      No, I tried to book it, but apparently we didn't have the "Yacht addendum" on our package. So, we struck out. I am going to try to talk them into it when we check in, though, so I will keep you guys posted!
    7. MrMrsWoodrings62103
      When are you guys gonna be at TTR?
    8. Partyometer
      Hi Darci :-) I saw your picture comment, and surprisingly, PatyOs let that outfit fly! No one said anything! However, the whole group was quite scantily clad, so I'm not sure if that had something to do with it or not. But, I've had great luck at PatyOs - all of my outfits have always gone unreprimanded. :-)
    9. HereComesTrouble
      I agree...miss you guys too. Was just telling Eric the same. Will have to figure out a weekend we can hang out. xoxoxo Ginger
    10. Jones & Valerie
      Jones & Valerie
      Now we have to start shopping for proper attire! LOL
    11. Jones & Valerie
      Jones & Valerie
      We have never been, but are looking forward to all the crazy fun!
    12. Jones & Valerie
      Jones & Valerie
      We arrive on the 14th also! What time are you scheduled to land? We are supposed to touch down at 6:15 p.m.
    13. Btownplay247
      We went for the first time in June 5 years ago, and it's been June ever since. I couldn't imagine a better month or a better group of people. If any other month or group is as fun, I know my body couldn't take it.
    14. TnTitanCpl24
      You guys look like a fun couple. Looking forward to hanging out with you guys in June.
    15. Btownplay247
      Vic & Brandy here. We will be at TTR June 13th-18th, and we are looking forward to meeting you two.
    16. Jen&Santiago
      Can't wait to party and celebrate your honeymoon!!
    17. Erincali
      We haven't booked yet, depends on the flights. We will consider that week if you guys are there.
    18. dchooa
      Miss n love u both!#
    19. R and J
      R and J
      Hey! Great to meet you guys! We had a ton of fun.
    20. BandC1983
      Hey Norm and Darci, we had a great time meeting you and have to say thanks again for all the planning you too did. Unfortunately missed the toy party due to a sleeping wife but I am sure it was still awesome.
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