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May 31, 2018
Jan 17, 2012
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Gatineau Quebec


Regular, from Gatineau Quebec

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May 31, 2018
    1. P&KL
      Hi there! Great album's. Really like the selfie!
      We are there the same time as you guys! Look forward to seeing you by the pool!
      Perry& Kathy April 12 - 22
    2. Fredmgill
      Hey Guys, Love the new album!!! Can't wait to see you in April!!!
    3. FrenchRugby
      Awesome! What position do you play? Not hard to figure out mine...
    4. RedNLucky
      Hey guys! Had in great trip in Feb. We plan to go back same time next year.
    5. Jim and Cheryl
      Jim and Cheryl
      Hey guys

      We would love to get together with you two, but unfortunately, we are back in the States this weekend too. We do get back Sunday night and would be available Monday if you're still in town. It is a long weekend afterall. Also, we may be heading to Ottawa for a few drinks coming soon. If we do, I was going to see if you were free. However it still isn't confirmed.

      If you're still around on Monday, my cell number is 613-633-8798. Call me.

    6. Montrealcouple
      un coucou de montreal!!
    7. TY & Joy
      TY & Joy
      Hey guys!! Long time!! We just booked Feb 10-17th for next year.. Would love to see you!!! xoxoxo Joy
    8. davenjenn
    9. Epic Couple
      Epic Couple
      Hey Shawn and Steph...thanks for the friends request...make sure to stop by and say hello
      Kind Regards...Steve and Yvonne
    10. MasterBull29
      Hello Im humberto from the mexican Caribbean, I don't want to be rude but I always like to be honest, and I thin your wife its so hot, and I would love meet her while you stay here
    11. You'reDoingWhat?
      Thanks for the friend request guys. See ya in a couple weeks
    12. Nick&Sophie
      Trying to go in March! It'll be our first time :)
    13. matchandahalf
      I think the spray tans do okay. The idea is just to use it to transition into a natural tan for the first 3 days of the trip, so I don't really care if it only lasts 3 days instead of the week that it will last if you are not in a pool. It certainly didn't noticeably disappear in the first few days. I avoid tanning booths because of the aging effects, so a spray tan is the only option. I understand that the one that are airbrushed on last longer than the booth spray tans, but they cost twice as much.
    14. RedNLucky
      Hi Guys, we booked for Feb 2-9. Enjoy your trip this month!
    15. Canadian Dos Equis fan
      Canadian Dos Equis fan
      I'm starting to and I'm getting excited. These are April like numbers!
    16. MetMan
      29th to 5th!
    17. RedNLucky
      Hi guys, we are planning on returning in Feb, but haven't decided on the dates yet. Will probably book within the next month or two. Hope you are doing well and enjoying your summer.
    18. TY & Joy
      TY & Joy
      I cant seem to be able to friend you on facebook.. i am Joy Parker, Sarasota Florida and Tristan Young Halifax, NS... Thanks so much for the awesome video.. xoxo Joy
    19. TY & Joy
      TY & Joy
      Guys that video is awesome. It gives a really good feel of the resort. Thanks for posting it. Look forward to seeing you sometime soon.
    20. TY & Joy
      TY & Joy
      We had so much fun that we can't wait to go back again possibly even in the fall!! It was awesome getting to know both of you. Hope we can meet up again!! Are you on Facebook? if so let me know!!! Ciao, Joy
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    Gatineau Quebec
    Rugby, Rock Climbing


    First Trip-Feb 2012,Second Trip-Oct 2012, Third Trip-Oct 2014,Forth Trip-April 2015
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